Companies that rely on close customer support and dialogue as part of their business model want to reliably automate the process of initiating and scheduling quarterly business review meetings (QBRs) with customers.


This QBR workflow is designed to automate the multiple steps involved in putting together a comprehensive quarterly meeting by:

  • Automatically kicking off the process at an advance date that’s set to recur for each QBR.
  • Notifying the customer of the upcoming QBR and querying them for pertinent information.
  • Helping the Account Manager for that customer collate all details and assets needed for the QBR deck that’s used during the meeting.
  • Scheduling the actual QBR meeting with customers, Mitratech team members and any other stakeholders involved.
  • Individually communicating with team members and stakeholders at those stages where they’re pertinent to the process; these can include members of the Account Management, Customer Experience, Tech Support, Marketing and Product teams, as each of their areas is covered during the QBR.
  • All workflows are automatically stored in a central repository for auditing and analysis.


  • The cost and time savings and error elimination delivered by automating notifications, document collection/routing, and scheduling.
  • Optimization of team member/stakeholder time and attention: the workflow can be designed to involve them only when they’re absolutely needed.
  • More consistent and reliable communication, collaboration and team-building between enterprise and each of its customers.