Mitratech’s SOX/SOC-in-a-Box solution to meet Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR) requirements and help your organization ensure SOX and SOC compliance.

SOX and SOC compliance strives for enhanced financial data accuracy and greater internal control support.

Technology can be a powerful ally that can help minimize the risk of misstatements within your financial reporting and achieve a level of reasonable assurance of your financial integrity.

Understanding your level of maturity, having the ability to identify shortcomings, and derive appropriate countermeasures should not only be a goal for those organizations preparing for upcoming audits and certifications but for any organization aiming to go the extra mile in terms of financial integrity and stakeholder confidence.

Take a detailed look into this powerful White Paper for a comprehensive view of Mitratech’s Financial Controls solution to meet ICFR requirements and ensure SOX and SOC compliance.

“Whether a firm’s objective is SOX & SOC compliance, or best practice, technology can play a huge role in ensuring that a firm can demonstrate to its board of directors, audits and shareholders, as a minimum, that effective controls are in place but also give early insight into emerging risks to ensure early intervention and do so in a cost-effective way.”

Henry Umney, Managing Director of GRC Strategy at Mitratech

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