Drive ROI with technology that focuses on contract agreement & collaboration

The contract is just the outcome. Mitratech’s contract management technology is architected to perfect the efficiency in the agreement and the collaboration part of the contract management process.

Implementing and automating contract lifecycle management (CLM) software across your organization will save your team’s time and reduce organizational liability, while also increasing compliance with legal requirements and best practices.

The CLM legal centerpiece of Mitratech’s end-to-end integrated portfolio of solutions? EraCLM, a guided solution for all contract management activity providing exceptional and leading advanced analytics, online negotiation capabilities, deeply automated document assembly, and enhanced contract management workflow automation.

Contract Lifecycle Management

What are the benefits?

When using a CLM solution like Mitratech’s EraCLM, your organization can more easily and efficiently manage contracts from the initial request straight through negotiations and execution with the compliance needed around triggers, milestones and renewals.

Move faster than the competition

Cut the execution time

You’ll slash the time it takes to execute contracts, reducing costs, improving responsiveness and moving faster than any other solution.

Control intellectual property

Control the contract lifecycle

Manage contracts throughout the entire lifecycle, with visibility and true control at every step.

Deepen organizational alignment

Deepen organizational alignment

Leverage workflow automation for contract requests and electronic signatures while collaborating cross-functionally.

Regulatory change management

Alert & engage stakeholders

Keep stakeholders aware of critical contract dates, renewals, and milestones, so they’re always on top of the process.


Make contracts easier to access

Centralized access and ability to search for contracts includes links to related matters.


Integrate with Microsoft® Office

Seamless integrations allow stakeholders to work on contracts with complete version control.

Step into the future with a single partner and a single integrated, legal technology suite


CLM with TeamConnect & Acuity ELM Essentials

Users of our ELM solutions can seamlessly manage contract-related transactions, including outside counsel engagement. Contracts can be associated with the matter for version control, and our ELM solutions automate matter assignment as well as the tracking of all in-progress work activity cutting the spend of outside counsel.

Through a single solution for legal operations, including contract transactions, teams can work more efficiently and position legal as a visible hub of innovation to the rest of the organization.

TAP Workflow Automation

CLM with TAP Workflow Automation

Easily automate the steps involved in requesting and routing a contract based on decision tree logic that end users provide via self-service portals that ensure the contracts professional has everything they need to start work without inefficient back and forth conversations with requestors.

With TAP’s ability to easily integrate with EraCLM, the possibilities around accelerating contract work and generating new documents on the fly with both internal and external parties – while eliminating costly mistakes and bottlenecks – are endless.

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The most effective third-party risk management software for detecting, assessing, and mitigating risk in your vendor network. By deploying it alongside ContractRoom’s end-to-end lifecycle management, ensure you’re reducing the risk of missing regulatory obligations or continuing relationships with non-compliant third and fourth parties that present real risks to your operations and reputation.

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British American Tobacco

TeamConnect has been well received by our outside counsel, and more importantly, we’ve seen a reduction in spend as a result.

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The minute we started using (TAP) we found it was incredibly easy to implement, inexpensive, and with a high ROI.

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TAP improved compliance significantly on the MAF side…we now have the right visibility into what’s being signed and why.

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The most widely used end-to-end ELM platform trusted by the world’s leading legal departments for managing core legal processes and operations.

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP empowers you to automate nearly any repetitive manual process, so you can focus on what’s important: doing the work, not wrestling with workflows.



Collaborati reduces inquiries and disputes, improves firm cash flows, and works domestically and internationally with industry-leading hosting services and security standards.



An easy-to-use, automated SaaS solution for controlling the costs, ensuring the compliance, and mitigating the risks of a legal hold process.

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Policy management becomes easier than ever before, as intuitive built-in tools ensure policies are efficiently managed and enforced and accurately maintained, distributed, and attested to.



Our Enterprise Content Management tool’s most-mentioned advantage? Handling enormous amounts of data every hour, every day, automatically.


Discover and manage “Shadow IT” spreadsheets and other data assets hidden across your enterprise to reveal if they hold personal data or pose other risks to your firm.



An easy-to-use, next-generation universal Enterprise Risk Management solution using pre-built framework templates to simplify risk management of your organization and its processes, applications, and providers.

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Tracker I-9 Compliance

The only I-9 compliance software that maintains a perfect 20-plus-year track record with U.S. government agencies.


Compliance Manager (CMO)

Get a centralized, holistic overview of your compliance obligations and business risks with our obligations, audit, and incident management tool.

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Acuity ELM Essentials

The SaaS legal management solution that provides integrated matter management, e-Billing, outside counsel collaboration tools, and reporting to small and mid-sized legal teams.

INSZoom IMS Software


The world-leading solution for simplifying global immigration case management and compliance for clients of all sizes.



Innovative contract lifecycle management for increasing staff efficiency, enhancing collaboration, and accelerating close of agreements.