Integrum is where business intelligence reporting software meets world-class enterprise risk technology.

Integrum is a world-class management systems solution for over 1,500,000 users in over 200 countries and across all industry sectors. Traditionally used for QHSE, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Integrum software contains all the functions of a fully-integrated management platform within one application, helping organizations of all sizes deliver comprehensive business optimization with streamlined processes, accelerated growth, and increased profitability.

Integrum built for flexibility and efficiency
Frequently-Asked Questions about QHSE & Incident Management

Empower your workforce and enhance business intelligence with:

  • Off-the-shelf configurability using SMARTForms, Workflows, BI Reporting, Homepage(s), and more
  • Drag-and-drop dashboards and report insights
  • Easy management of QHSE, Risk and Compliance activities, and obligations
  • Quick implementation, rapid deployment, and scalability
  • World-class, reliable business intelligence for reporting, collaboration, and analysis via rich dashboards
  • Extreme time and cost savings for gaining and maintaining certification to ISO45001, ISO9001, and ISO14001
  • 25% less time managing, delivering, and reporting on policies
  • 60% reduction in the costs of non-compliance

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7 Ways to Use Integrum’s
Fully-Integrated QHSE, Risk, and Compliance Management Platform

Integrum’s comprehensive, highly-configurable system was built to deliver all key functions for managing every aspect of risk — quality, health, safety, environment, compliance, and almost any business process with or without a workflow — in one application, not in modules. It’s every component needed to help your team accelerate processes, cut costs, and mitigate risk — plus the flexibility to configure and scale alongside your enterprise’s evolving needs.

  • Assists businesses to meet the requirements of ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards, when implemented correctly
  • A comprehensive suite of features for managing employee health, overseeing health surveillance and assessments, conducting ergonomic assessments and psychological assessments, and driving successful wellness programs
  • Fully-configurable audit, inspection, and observation forms and checklists, complete with ratings, scoring, non-conformance, and corrective actions
  • Flexible incident system with actions, workflows, investigations, and findings for any type of incident or event management process
  • Comprehensive work health and safety risk assessments
  • Medical case and workers’ compensation management

  • Full risk management with flexible risk matrices, inherent and residual risks, controls, control owners, risk and control actions, and treatments
  • Risk Assessment templates following ISO31000 Risk Management standards and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 
  • Bowtie Risk Assessments 
  • Case, contractor, and corrective and preventive action management
  • Comprehensive document management conforming to ISO 9001 with document workflows, version control, DCR, archiving,  and competency assessments

  • ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems support
  • Sustainability and CSR features to enable you to track and report carbon footprint, energy, resource utilization, community programs and much more
  • Scheduled, preventative maintenance 
  • Asbestos inspections and hazard management support
Fully-Integrated QHSE, Risk, and Compliance ​Management Platform
Integrum all-in-one application for QHSE, compliance, incident, and risk management

  • Features to manage business continuity management (BCP) plans, BCP reviews, disaster recovery plans, objectives and targets, audits, assessments, and actions to drive business contintuitiy
  • Flexible claims and case management functionality, including appointments, reviews, file and diary notes — plus notifications to insurers and regulators
  • Full HR functionality and accessibility, including employee records, job position, training, accreditation records, medical records, performance review, case notes, staff directories, and onboarding support
  • Internal audit templates for investigation and inspection management

  • ISO9001 Quality Management Systems for cross-referencing your procedures
  • Inspection management and test plans
  • Meeting management for all agendas, minutes, and attendees 
  • Portals for contractors, suppliers and vendors to self-manage and upload documents, insurances, manage actions and more
  • Asset management that enables plant and equipment to register with maintenance and calibration schedules, access inspection records, raise actions, and link employees to assets
  • Non-conformance reporting 
  • Contractor, supplier and vendor evaluations and management
  • Client feedback and customer complaint management 
  • Corrective and preventive action support

Easy creation and management of eLearning courses using the drag-and-drop course builder

SuperUser training and self-help training material to allow you to continue to update and grow the Integrum system as your business needs evolve

“The most complete and configurable (QHSE) package I have encountered in 20+ years of working with such systems.”

— Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety Director, CocaCola EuroPacific Partners

CocaCola EuroPacific Partners

The Integrum difference: A robust solution purpose-built for flexibility and efficiency

ISO27001 certified globally and Google Cloud hosted for unparalleled security and version control.

ISO27001 certified globally and Google Cloud hosted for unparalleled security and version control.

Web-enabled online accessibility

Web-enabled online accessibility with offline capabilities via the integrumLIVE App for both iOS and Android.

Real-time integration

Real-time integration with other identified systems (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Mincom, ERP systems, Trim, MS SharePoint, Exchange, Lotus Notes, SQL databases) and interconnection with email systems.

A configurable, white-label platform​ with implementation assistance and training​

A configurable, white-label platform with implementation assistance and training, sales and marketing assistance, and Global IT support and hosting services.

One partner. One platform.

Everything you need to elevate your Governance, Risk and Compliance.


Integrum is a world-class management systems solution for QHSE, Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

Integrum currently serves over 1,500,000 users, in over 200 countries and across all industry sectors.

Integrum is a global leader in risk and QHSE management because rather than taking a modular approach — and asking you to buy new features as you need them — we put everything right in the platform right from the beginning. This way, it’s as easy as turning a new feature on or off to add functionality as your needs change.

Frequently-Asked Questions about QHSE & Incident Management

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