Mitratech Alyne GRC Platform

What makes Alyne unique?

Alyne is a full-suite GRC platform for governance, risk, compliance, ESG and cyber; designed to deliver data-driven insights, powered by AI technology, to dynamic organizations of all sizes. Alyne helps teams understand laws and intuitively identify risks in real-time, increase transparency and compliance efficiency, and collaborate more effectively across their enterprise and third parties. Leverage ready-to-go controls and assessment templates, automatic risk identification and qualification, and meaningful risk quantification method to save on costs, and increase time to value.

Effectively manage risk and reduce risk exposure

Mitratech’s Alyne platform helps CISOs, Chief Risk Officers, Data Protection Officers and other decision-makers understand and confidently implement compliance requirements, thoroughly assess risk, obtain detailed risk analytics and reporting, and make risk-aware decisions for their organization – helping to effectively manage risk and reduce risk exposure.

Features to empower next generation capabilities

Check out this overview of features that help teams accelerate processes, cut costs, and mitigate risk.

  • Digitized AI-driven technology
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Ready-to-go controls and templates
  • Over 1500 predefined controls
  • Over 900 predefined risks
  • Over 50 mapped standards, laws and regulations
  • Scalable risk assessments
  • Automatic risk identification and qualification
  • Built-in simulation engine for risk quantification
  • Easily configurable and customizable
  • Machine learning engine
  • Real-time insights
  • Fully web enabled & Mobile
  • Rapid deployment
  • Dynamic dashboards & reports
  • Multi-language
  • Smart search
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Powerful enterprise integrations
  • Instantly available
  • Time & cost reduction

The GRC Platform Of The Future

Learn how you can leverage a single SaaS platform for all your GRC requirements.