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Simplify workforce management with speed, efficiency, and automation.

To stay competitive in today’s hiring climate, HR professionals and hiring managers need to streamline the sourcing of candidates, use automation to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, rely on actionable data to make strategic hiring decisions, and utilize virtual assessment tools to pinpoint the best candidates.

But the hiring market is dynamic, and what works in one region — or even location — may not work in another, so the best talent management system will give you the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and needs.

A basic Applicant Tracking System isn’t enough anymore.

You need a talent management system that reduces the friction throughout the application process to not only generate a large pool of qualified applicants and match ideal candidates to the jobs you need to fill, but also move them through the onboarding process swiftly — all while staying compliant.

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Ready to recruit, onboard, and hire more qualified applicants?

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With the Right Solution,
You Could See:

369% increase in applicant flow

43% decrease in time-to-hire

5-10 min onboarding process

<2 min for candidates to fill out your application

Communicating with today’s hourly workforce means accommodating multiple communication styles, specifically text communications. Besides texting, easy-to-fill-out forms and AI chat are must-haves.

You need fast and efficient ways to engage interested job candidates, schedule interviews, and quickly decide whether or not to hire them. Moving qualified applicants through the onboarding and screening process quickly and easily is essential.

Employers of hourly workers need the flexibility to change and optimize configurations and workflows in their talent management system as needed, depending on the location, job position, market conditions, season, and other variables.

 A critical component of moving the process along quickly is a talent management system that automates processes like completing applications, scheduling interviews, and assessing their qualifications.

High-volume hiring decisions can only succeed with adequate data as a guide. Analyzing the data generated from engaging with job applicants and new hires provides critical insight to help you improve your talent acquisition strategy.

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Future-Proofed HR Compliance Solutions

Mitratech supports HR success by providing past-proven, future-proofed solutions to meet every need. We’ll help you streamline I-9 compliance and immigration management, automate candidate sourcing and screening, draft and communicate onboarding paperwork and policies, and more, even on a global scale.


Tracker I-9

Die preisgekrönte Compliance-Lösung von Mitratech ist das branchenweit fortschrittlichste Angebot zur Einhaltung der I-9-Vorschriften für Arbeitgeber und die einzige durchgängig elektronische Softwarelösung zur Einhaltung der I-9-Vorschriften, die seit mehr als 20 Jahren keine einzige Geldstrafe für Kunden nach sich zieht.



AssureHire ist von der National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) akkreditiert und SOC2-zertifiziert. Es nutzt intelligente Automatisierung und einen umfassenden Verifizierungsprozess, um das schnellste und konformste End-to-End-Screening der Branche zu bieten.



Die TalentReef-Plattform ist die einzige Talentmanagement-Plattform, die speziell für standortbasierte Einstellungen mit hohem Volumen entwickelt wurde. Sie automatisiert Prozesse und optimiert Arbeitsabläufe, um Reibungsverluste für Bewerber und Personalverantwortliche zu vermeiden.



Eine umfassende, sichere und konforme Cloud-basierte Softwarelösung für die Einwanderung, die alle erforderlichen Funktionen zur Beschleunigung von Arbeitsabläufen bietet und gleichzeitig die Sicherheit von Kunden- und Bewerberdaten gewährleistet.