Millions of I-9s, zero fines

Created by top-ranked immigration experts, Tracker I-9 is the most user-friendly compliance solution your HR team has ever seen.

Take advantage of the only end-to-end electronic I-9 compliance tracking software solution that’s maintained a perfect 20+ year track record of zero client fines.

Overcome the risks and costs of obsolete I-9 compliance processes with Tracker I-9 solutions


  • It takes huge time and effort to get new employees to complete forms properly, review them for accuracy and completeness, and simply stay up to date on the over 1,200 I-9 rules staffing professionals have to keep track of.
Increased government scrutiny
  • Federal audits are multiplying; companies now stand a 95% chance of being audited within the next decade.
  • An organization might be exposed to thousands (or more) of federal fines, with average recommended fines of $2,000 per substantive error.
  • Strict deadlines are in place to submit I-9s to E-Verify to confirm the eligibility of employees to work in the U.S.
Paper-driven errors
  • COVID-19 proves the obsolescence of paper, yet many I-9s are still processed this way.
  • 76% of paper I-9 forms have at least one fineable error, 4.1 times higher than electronic 1-9s with verification.
  • Without a central repository, forms are lost, creating audit risk.
Risk to reputation
  • Companies found to have I-9 and immigration problems can quickly find themselves featured in the 24-hour media cycle, creating risk to brands and reputations.
Lack of visibility
  • Manual I-9 processes aren’t integrated with the existing HR platform, making employee data redundant and error-prone.
Inconsistent I-9 Management
  • When manual I-9 management processes are siloed and left untracked, it opens up the door to miscommunications and inefficiencies down the line.
  • This can slow down workflows, particularly when faced with complications such as regulation changes or paperwork errors that require form re-verification.
Choose the right I-9 software for your organization with this expert RFP guide.

Electronic I-9 compliance management software that
addresses every headache: Why use E-Verify®?

Better efficiency and integration

  • Designed specifically for HR and Legal teams that require full I-9 compliance, its robust capabilities and ease of use make perfect I-9 compliance simple and intuitive.
  • Smart workflows submit eligible I-9 records automatically to E-Verify® software as they’re completed to ensure on-time processing.
  • API integration with your existing HRIS systems distributes clean data across all departments, offering Single Sign-On (SSO) for efficient login.

Improved compliance

  • Created by internationally recognized immigration experts, it’s the only smart I-9 compliance tracking software that maintains a perfect track record of zero client fines in ICE audits.
  • Expose potential errors for efficient remediation, while establishing detailed audit trails to ensure fully compliant electronic forms.
  • A personalized dashboard keeps each manager focused on open items that need attention to assure on-time submission.

Solve the remote hiring challenge

  • Manage timelines of all remote hires from one simple interface.
  • Conveniently schedule mandatory in-person ID verification with any of Tracker’s 300 Remote I-9 Centers and thousands of mobile officers, located across all 50 states – with just one click.

Complete audit protection

  • We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading applicant tracking, onboarding, and human capital management providers, ensuring data is complete and accurate for audits.
  • USCIS-compliant audit trails and support: Three tiers of customized audit support and legal consultation, designed to fit any budget and team, including form preparation and assistance with agent communication.

Superior security

Manage the progress of all I-9s forms from a fully encrypted, cloud-based tracker solution to ensure data protection, equipped with powerful, real-time reporting tools.

Paper form conversion

  • Fully-secure paper form scanning and manual key entry services for U.S. organizations and firms. Effortlessly convert hundreds or thousands of archived paper I-9s into compliant and easily manageable electronic forms.

Who’s using Tracker I-9?

From educational pioneers to Fortune 500 innovators, industry leaders
depend on it to deliver the highest level of electronic I-9 compliance.

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