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Improve Overall Management of Your Work Health and Safety System in Australia with Better Software Designed for Today


Perhaps one of the essential components of any business operation is its work health and safety management system. Far from being simply tied to basic workplace safety features (already a must, especially in high-risk environments involving heavy equipment), occupational health concerns extend to the relationships between employees, their physical health, and the way they relate to the company’s policies. An efficient system does more than empower employees and improves the quality of their work and life experience. It should equip employers with the tools necessary to track information within their health and safety infrastructure to evaluate its effectiveness and inform critical decision making processes.


What if you could capture employee health and psychological assessments, manage worker’s compensation claims, and manage your approved medical providers all on one platform? What if you could go even further, integrating such a platform into your business via offline mobile applications and taking advantage of cutting-edge business intelligence solutions? The integrum Management System does precisely that. Globally, it’s in use in over 200 countries, offering enhanced functionality and improving health and safety in businesses everywhere. With more than one million users over the lifetime of the software, we proudly serves our clients with distinction. What can you achieve by adopting a new health and safety management system?


A streamlined way to build a health and safety management system


Consider that employees who do not feel safe or secure in their daily roles are less likely to be at their most productive. On top of that, each workplace injury that occurs also has an impact on the productivity of the company. By implementing procedures through an integrated health and safety system, you can improve company culture and put a focus on achieving goals in a constructive, low-risk manner. integrum helps you to identify risks and develop governance strategies for mitigating their potential impact on the company. Such a system is also crucial for fostering a positive work environment. When employees have access to a system that allows them to voice their concerns about psychological stresses, workplace bullying, or other issues, corporations can take steps to implement policies that improve employee health. integrum’s powerful functions enable this..


Find out what your business can achieve with integrum


A key advantage to deploying the integrum health and safety management system in Australia is its all-in-one nature. Our clients receive complete access to the entire platform after purchasing a license, with an unlimited number of users. In other words, as the business grows, your health and safety procedures can scale easily alongside your expanding efforts.


Read up on our client case studies to learn about what we’ve achieved for other clients or explore more about the full functionality found within integrum. We proudly offer free demonstrations to allow managers the opportunity to learn about how our unique system works and how we could help to adapt it to your specific demands. Visit our contact page for further details..

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.