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Risk Management Information System Software in Australia for All Reporting and Assessment Needs


There has been an increased interest in comprehensive risk management software for business lately, particularly following the significant financial crisis of 2008, and in the light of some big-name corporations falling prey to data breaches and outside attacks. Even if you are not a Blue Chip or Fortune 500 company, most businesses in operation today have to deal with a certain amount of risk as part of their day to day operations


Whether it is making sure that sensitive information remains in just the right hands or ensuring that a project is up to compliance standards, it is essential that you have a risk management and reporting system that you can trust. That is where integrum fits in, helping you to manage and assess your potential risks with easy to configure, all-in-one software applications that are ideal for businesses of all sizes.


How Our Easy to Configure Software Helps Keep Your Business Secure


Regardless of industry or sector, successful risk management for business relies on the proper handling of both information and data related to projects or for the company as a whole. At the very least, all risk management software for Australia should allow for several fundamental processes, such as risk identification and assessment, as well as risk control and financing. To help you manage these varied tasks, it is helpful to have a risk management and reporting system that can perform all these functions in a single application, and that is flexible enough to work within a variety of settings

As an industry-leading provider, integrum can match you with a risk assessment management system that is configurable to your business’s specific needs. Whether your sector is safety, health, government, or perhaps something else, our software offers a suite of features that help you build out a complete risk management system. Some of these functions include an incident and action system, controlled document management, and flexible risk matrices for project and enterprise risk management. We also include some things you may not have expected from a standard risk management information system, such as contained audit forms, HR functions and everything you need to manage claims and case management. All our software services are designed for ease of use, as well as implementation, making them as simple as possible to integrate into your existing workflow.


Risk Management Software Made with Australia’s Compliance Needs in Mind


The risk assessment management system software from integrum is perfectly designed with the needs of Australian businesses and other institutions in mind. Some of our top Australian clients include both the governments of Queensland and NSW. Whether you are looking for QHSE or WHS management systems, integrum offers a complete risk management system that conforms to many common ISO management systems standards.


When you need a proactive risk management and information system that can adapt to your Australian business’s changing circumstances, you need integrum’s comprehensive risk management software. Allow us to show you how we can help you manage the changing face of compliance and risk assessment. Contact us today to learn more.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published under the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.