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Safety in the workplace isn’t merely a matter of complying with internal guidelines or rules set by the government. It is also an important factor in fostering employee satisfaction, keeping production numbers up, and much more. Proper governance and compliance go hand in hand with creating a safer workplace, but instituting guidelines alone isn’t enough to ensure success. To set the stage for growth and to reduce workplace accidents, a proper safety management system should be implemented. At integrum, we’ve created software that delivers one of the most comprehensive business management platforms available.


A good safety system should be feature-rich and robust enough to handle a variety of different situations. Employees should have the ability to raise concerns and create incident reports easily. Our platform provides the ability to create custom configurations to achieve these goals. Meanwhile, this same software allows for managers and compliance officers to undertake a comprehensive review and analysis process on all the collected information. From following up on incident reports and tracking their resolution to conducting audits, it is all available simultaneously when you choose to license integrum. Best of all, we can integrate your new safety management system software into your existing systems for a seamless upgrade.


Building your new safety management system with integrum


Implementing this software is not difficult, even before we consider the potential need to mesh its functionality with other systems you may have in place. All that is necessary for access to the full features of the platform is an Internet connection and a web browser. Consider one of the potential avenues you could take with such a system.

Use our unique and user-friendly SMARTforms utility to create incident report forms or employee evaluations to distribute. Relevant staff can then receive the forms automatically via the integrum mobile app. Staff can then use these forms entirely offline, so even when there’s no connection, it remains simple to document a safety incident or raise a report about a potential violation. Once a web connection becomes available again, the central server receives the information. Set up instant alerts in the system to receive a notification any time new safety information arrives.


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The advantages are clear. Exercise enhanced control over your business’s safety management system and achieve better outcomes while reducing risk and improving employee satisfaction with the far-reaching capabilities built into the integrum software. With a mobile device, agnostic approach to development and a dedication to seamless cloud-syncing between offline devices and the main integrum platform, deploying a safety system that works for your business has never been easier. Custom-design your forms as needed and capture detailed health and safety information from the field. Then take advantage of our other powerful tools to visualise the data and understand the state of the business’s efforts. Read more about the features of our platform, or open a dialogue today.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.