Effectively address and resolve conflict-of-interest issues that need the ongoing attention of multiple stakeholders in the organisation.


  • Easy-to-use online self-service forms allow employees to submit the details of any potential conflict of interest and maintain their disclosure status.
  • Once submitted, requests are automatically routed to proper stakeholders for review.
  • Correlate disclosure information with helpline-reported issues to visualize potential conflicts and prevent them from becoming issues.
  • Allow ethics and compliance professionals to proactively gather information and complete due diligence to protect their organization.


  • Log conflicts in a consistent manner and track issues over time, through to resolution.
  • Save valuable time and gain ethics and compliance team efficiency by removing the need for manual disclosure collections.
  • Using a single database and environment brings standardization and centralization, with ready-made security and compliance.
  • All stakeholders involved at the correct time and in the correct sequence.
  • TAP’s powerful reporting to enables an organisation to provide evidence that their compliance programme is effective.
  • Reporting dashboard and analysis features facilitates quickly uncovering high-risk behaviors, trends or problem employees, making it possible to proactively get ahead of developing COI issues.