Make risk management and compliance easy with the help of Alyne.

The future of GRC is data-driven, autonomous, and performance-oriented. Take a detailed look into Mitratech’s Alyne, the GRC technology that makes managing risk and compliance across your unique environment, as easy as it looks!

Alyne’s cloud-native platform is content-rich and robust, helping teams to assess, monitor, and manage risk at scale. Intuitive by design, Alyne ensures easy collaboration and drives proactive decision-making.

Alyne helps CISOs, Chief Risk Officers, Data Protection Officers, and other decision-makers understand compliance requirements, automatically assess risk, and obtain detailed risk analytics across Cyber Security, Enterprise and Operational Risk Management, Third Party Risk Management, Policy Management, ESG, and many other key GRC use cases.

Learn why leading companies around the globe are using Alyne’s GRC technology to support their business objectives, increase their effectiveness, save on costs and empower their second lines of defense.

Mitratech Alyne GRC Platform

Mitratech’s Alyne Powerful Benefits:

  • Remove silos.
  • Gain greater risk transparency.
  • Centralize your data with powerful integrations.
  • Connect the dots across your organization with an integrated GRC solution that scales with your organization.

Alyne’s Key Value Drivers:

  • User-friendly, social-media-like interface that ensures maximum user adoption and provides a superior user experience.
  • Zero-code workflows and agile implementation.
  • Fast time-to-value guaranteed.

The GRC Platform Of The Future

Learn how you can leverage a single SaaS platform for all your GRC requirements.