Black Kite serves cyber risk professionals looking to quantify and maintain visibility of their risk exposure.

The Black Kite platform provides full visibility into an organization’s cyber posture, using the same open-source intelligence tools and techniques hackers use.

Unlike other cyber ratings products, there’s no “secret sauce.”  The process generating every third-party risk assessment is standards-based and fully transparent so that all users understand exactly where their results come from. Why? It’s really this simple: you shouldn’t be flying blind.

Black Kite is the preferred cyber risk organization for Mitratech and is available through Mitratech either as a stand-alone solution or integrated into our VendorInsight solution. Black Kite enables our clients to augment their Third Party (TPRM) or Vendor Risk solution through the provision of Cyber Risk Management.

Quality Data

The largest digital footprint with the most unique controls to eliminate false positives and provide relevant, accurate data.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Automated tool to estimate the cost of a cyber breach – communicating risks in quanitive, easy to understand business terms.

Scalable Product

Latest Cloud technology to automate scalability, reducing assessment time from weeks to hours.

Easy-to-Access SaaS System

…that integrates with questionnaires, vendor management systems and process workflows.

Automated Compliance Mapping

with 14 of the leading control sets that correlate cyber risk findings to industry standards and best practices.


To ensure you’re alerted to third-party risks despite limited budgets and resources.

Would you like to have a free cybersecurity risk check on one of your vendors?