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CEO Corner: Transitioning to a New Chapter

Jason Parkman |

Over the past seven years, I’ve had the privilege of being CEO and President of the best company, bar none, in the legal tech sector. Now it’s time to hand the CEO role off to somebody new.

I’m happy to say that as of this week, Mike Williams has joined Mitratech as CEO. To ensure a seamless transition, Mike and I will work together as Co-CEOs through the end of January 2020, at which time I will transition to Chairman of the Board and remain actively involved in the business. 

An important part of every CEO’s job is planning for a smooth succession at the right time. Mitratech is in the strongest position it has ever been in as a business, with an incredible client base, the strongest product portfolio we’ve ever had, and a strong team. Over the last year we’ve redoubled our efforts to bring value to our clients, and our relationships are better than ever. That all makes this the right time, and Mike Williams is the right CEO to take this business to the next level.

He’s the right person to follow through on the plans we have in place — to continue on our journey to become even more client-centric. But deep product and market experience also means he’s well-suited to lead us into the next chapter in the Mitratech story.

Embracing change

With Mike on board, will there be changes ahead? Probably, though none are planned. Any change in leadership brings a change in perspective, and a change in perspective often brings new priorities and a recognition of new opportunities. Throughout his career, Mike has been focused on working with clients, partners, employees, regulators, and user communities to continuously improve product innovation and customer support and satisfaction. If that sounds like the same formula for success we’ve followed at Mitratech, particularly over the past several years, it’s no coincidence.

With that said, Mitratech has remained the leader in our space by consistently embracing change, and I don’t expect that to alter now. To lead, you have to do more than challenge your competitors. You’ve got to perpetually challenge yourself and ask the hard questions: Are we doing the most we can on behalf of our clients? Are we ahead of the curve or just keeping up? Are we improving opportunities for our employees? Are we driving real change and advancement in our industry?

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This desire to constantly improve has been essential to our success, and bringing Mike in will stoke that fire even higher.

Stay tuned!

I’m passionate about this business, about the problems we’re solving for our customers, and about the people who work at Mitratech. It’s been a privilege to run this organization for the past seven years through a series of transformations that have driven significant growth – in revenue, in staffing, in product range, and in the success we’re empowering for our clients.

This is the right time to transition to what I mentioned above: that next chapter in the Mitratech story. So it’s also the right moment for me to become involved in a new way, as Chairman, working closely with Mike, our Board, and our investors to continue on what’s been an amazing journey.