Take a detailed look into Mitratech’s Alyne highly efficient GRC technology and powerful business value drivers.

As a business leader, you are no stranger to the importance of IT infrastructure in day-do-day business operations. Furthermore, devices, networks, and users are all crucial to keeping an organization running, but these also burst with an intricate web of threats that risk teams must take into consideration. No easy task, particularly as digital transformation continues and IT assets grow in importance. Creating a culture that is aware of IT risks is always a good place to start.

Furthermore, information security is a core component of IT risk management. There are numerous leading standards that organizations might comply with, depending on specific requirements and jurisdiction, for example: ISO/IEC 27001, NIST CyberSecurity Framework, or the SOC2 framework.

Mitratech helps CEOs, CFOs, CISOs, CROs, CCOs, and other decision-makers understand and confidently implement compliance requirements, thoroughly assess IT risks, obtain detailed risk analytics and reporting, and make risk-aware decisions for their organization – helping to manage risk and reduce risk exposure effectively.

Learn all about Mitratech’s Alyne unique value drivers and key business differentiators in this powerful asset, specifically created for key decision-makers within organizations.

Check out the infographic for more on:

  • Mitratech x Cutover: Attaining SOC2 Compliance
  • Obtaining Full Visibility of Your Security Posture
  • Mitratech x SecurityScorecard: Next-Level Cyber Resilience
  • Value Generating Training & Team Work
  • Automation, Ease of Use & Unmatched ROI
  • Alyne’s Powerful Value Drivers

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