Are eliminating biases and enhancing diversity for your team and company part of your ongoing business plans?

Corporations, organizations, and firms alike are looking to one another, state regulations, and associations to forge a path that leads to progress on topics like diversity, equity, and inclusion.

You also need a tech stack that flexibly allows you and your organization to abide by any new diversity expectations of vendors and outside counsel.

Mitratech is partnering with companies in using the American Bar Association’s guidelines to “Eliminate Bias and Enhance Diversity.” Those best practices are covered in this free Solutions Guide.

Get answers to  questions like:

  • How do we add relevant information into your current Enterprise Legal Management system?
  • What is the best way to request information about specialties, professional focus, and points of diversity?
  • If you send out a request, is it a manual process to revise every record?

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