Mitratech Announces Proactive Policies and Best Practices for Employees and Clients During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Putting staff health and safety and client business continuity needs first as COVID-19 begins to impact the global economy.

AUSTIN, TX –March 10, 2020 – As a leading provider of legal, risk and compliance software, Mitratech employs or contracts over 400 people across 4 continents and provides legal, risk and compliance solutions to 1,200 companies globally.  Now, even while it monitors new developments regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the company has set forth policies and best practices intended to help safeguard its staff against catching or helping to spread the disease, and new tools for helping clients avoid business disruptions.

Mitratech is closely monitoring all essential travel and remaining in constant contact with clients and prospects regarding onsite visits.  The company recommends any personal international travel be carefully reviewed in light of any self-quarantining requirements and possible difficulties returning home in a timely manner caused by the many complications that have already arisen in various countries, from cancelled flights to quarantining. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have set a guideline for travelers returning from China, who must remain self-quarantined for a 14-day period; any Mitratech employees who fall under this guideline are expected to work from home during that period.  Those returning from level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice areas are required to enter self-quarantine. Anyone returning from any outbreak regions should pay close attention to local and global travel recommendations and/or requirements. 

In addition, the company will provide timely future updates on travel and attendance at its many various conference appearances, hosted events, and user group meetings. Domestic travel hasn’t as yet been affected, but the company is keeping real-time lines of communication open with employees, clients, and other stakeholders to address any contingencies.

At the same time, there’s no anticipated impact expected at this point on Mitratech’s ability to deliver and support its products for legal and GRC professionals, relied upon by companies worldwide.  Its robust internal policies and platforms allow its teams to work remotely, eliminating any risk of downtime from client-facing work. 

“This is obviously not a time when it’s easy to conduct ‘business as usual’ for many enterprises,” says Mitratech CEO Mike Williams, “but on the other hand, we’re uniquely configured to continue to respond to a situation like this. There’ll be no interruption in the support we’re able to give our clients, but at the same time, we’ll also be able to make the proper adjustments to protect the health and wellness of our employees. That’s obviously the foremost priority for all of us.”  

Mitratech products will, in fact, be integral for companies in maintaining continuity of operations in several ways during the outbreak.

TeamConnect ELM and TAP Workflow Automation both offer extensive remote collaboration capabilities, so at-home employees and third parties can continue to work uninterruptedly. The TAP Workflow Automation user community, for instance,  has received two new, free-of-charge workflows, one is for managing their Travel Request Policy, the other a Remote Work Tracker to help HR stay on top of how employees are working from home or otherwise away from the office. The company will release more of these in the new future, as well.

PolicyHub, Mitratech’s policy management solution, provides a means of quickly and efficiently disseminating timely policy and procedure updates over the coming days and weeks, so businesses will be able to maintain employee education and compliance even as work practices are being forced to change. The same can hold for vendors and suppliers.  

The company has designated a special task force to develop strategies, customizations, and best practices to help clients ride out the outbreak.

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