Human Resources needs a way to gather feedback from employees as to what benefits or perks they would like. Once suggestions are submitted, HR needs to evaluate them before deciding whether to include them in any benefits package. HR also need to keep track of the suggestions made including the types of benefits that are approved or rejected..


  • Easily design an online form that employees can complete to submit their benefit suggestions.
  • Enable employees to keep track of the status of their suggestions.
  • Route the suggestions to the correct stakeholders for review.
  • Automatically notify employees whether their suggestions have been accepted or rejected.
  • Use the resulting data to understand the trends in suggestions.


  • Centralized tracking and reporting allows HR to have a better understanding of the benefits sought by employees.
  • Drives more positive engagement and morale by fostering employee engagement, contribution and ownership.
  • Automation of manual processes – including the logging and processing of suggestions – drives significant ROI.
  • Drives greater efficiency and a superior user experience for the HR department and business partners.
  • Suggestions can be tracked and recorded, enabling the creation of a historical record of participation by employees.