Mitratech Helps Companies Combat COVID-19 with Two Free TAP Workflows

Designed to help HR teams manage travel and work-from-home demands and mitigate business impacts.

AUSTIN, TX – March 11, 2020 – Mitratech, a world leader in workflow automation, today announced that it is releasing two new, free-of-charge workflow templates to its global TAP Workflow Automation user community in order to help them manage operational challenges being created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both workflows are offered as pre-built templates but are completely customizable by the user.

As Brian McGovern, General Manager, Workflow Solutions at Mitratech explains, “We’re focused on supporting our clients through what’s going to be an uncertain, unsettling period, and these workflow automation templates for their TAP implementation will give them very timely tools for dealing with any potential impacts.”

The first workflow is a Request for Business-Critical Travel workflow enabling HR departments to manage any influx of employee travel requests as affected by the outbreak.  The workflow’s automated form captures key information about the purpose of travel, dates, details about travel location and routing, and the business risks involved by not sending an employee, among other data. Requests are automatically routed to the proper managers for review, and approvals or denials are automatically sent to requesters.

The other free workflow is a Remote Working Tracker process for tracking the status of employees who are working remotely.  In its first stage, the workflow allows the employee to request to work remotely by submitting his/her reasons and other key information. After the first approved time period for working remotely has passed, employees receive weekly emails asking if they need an extension and other questions, most notably if they or anyone close to them has traveled to locations with elevated coronavirus levels, or had contact with anyone who’s tested positive for the virus.

Besides being made immediately available to current TAP users, the workflows will also be available as part of Mitratech’s TAP Co-Innovation Community and TAP Co-Innovation Center, where TAP users are encouraged to share their own workflow designs.

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