Because we’re experts in solving legal, risk and compliance challenges for finserv organizations, and helping you build a culture of ethics and compliance – and consumer trust.

Despite the honesty and best efforts of the great majority of the financial services industry, only 56% of consumers find financial services trustworthy. That’s largely due to constant media stories focusing on data breaches and compliance scandals, and lingering mistrust from the 2008 financial crisis.

To restore that trust, you need a provider with a comprehensive lineup of risk and financial services compliance software solutions. At Mitratech, 80% of our risk and compliance clients are in financial services. They depend on our past-proven, future-proofed solutions like TAP Workflow Automation and others.  Using them, you’ll grow consumer trust by efficiently and cost-effectively supporting a culture of ethics and compliance. 

Challenges facing the financial services industry

Financial compliance software is a must-have within such a regulated industry to overcome challenges such as:

  • Business continuity and resilience
  • Increasing complexity
  • Identification of risks and opportunities
  • Protection of reputation
  • Crisis management
  • Quicker response times to evolving market dynamics and threats

Since 2008, consumers have harbored doubts about whether or not to trust financial services firms. Headlines about data breaches and other compliance missteps have done nothing to improve that impression.

TAP lets you automate operational and compliance processes so compliance is embedded in them no matter when or where they’re used across the organization. So you’ll extend compliance, improve customer experiences, and avoid reputational damage and penalties for non-compliance.

Today, there’s more call for both internal and external examinations/audits than ever.  So. you need the ability to quickly respond and report on compliance – to both senior leadership and regulators.

With TAP and other Mitratech solutions, risk and compliance teams can form a center of service and excellence for the entire enterprise by helping you swiftly and comprehensively meet obligations under a growing universe of regulations including SOX, GDPR, CCPA, MIFID II, Volker, and more.

Regulatory penalties for non-compliance can be steep. Loss of consumer faith can be costly, too.  Plus? Traditional, manual, paper-based compliance and risk mitigation processes are exorbitantly expensive, and prone to delays and human error.

TAP and other Mitratech financial services compliance solutions help you eliminate those process costs and errors, so you can proactively manage the maze of regulation by enforcing agile compliance, and automatically archiving a record so you can prove defensibility.

Enjoy top-down visibility, oversight, and risk analytics that help you proactively mitigate risk and enforce (and show proof of) regulatory and corporate compliance.

With Mitratech solutions, you’ll not only identify and mitigate risk throughout your organization but even among your vendor and supplier networks, removing other sources of exposure and liability.

What are the benefits of process automation and compliance software for financial services?

  • Accelerate processes and efficiency: Process and workflow automation results in fewer errors, reduced labor, and improved accuracy and accelerated execution – resulting in better, quicker compliance at much less cost.
  • Ease of use and adoption: With no coding required and intuitive, drag-and-drop interfaces, our solutions let you quickly design, build, and implement any workflow without technical resources.
  • Improve governance: Centralized control of all your optimized risk and compliance-related processes lets you recognize and analyze issues wherever they occur, earlier than before, so you can reduce their impact on the enterprise.
  • Reduce barriers: Dissolving internal cross-departmental barriers via automated processes with broader, more effective reach and engagement improves collaboration and spreads compliance throughout the organization.
  • Engage your employees: Ease-of-use and automated notifications for employees inspires them to engage more actively and positively with compliance teams.
  • See immediate ROI: Quick adoption means you’ll put Mitratech solutions to work in hours or days, not weeks or months, driving results ASAP.
  • Take visible leadership: Your risk and compliance team becomes a standout transformation leader within your organization.

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