Mitratech Launches Four New Free Workflows, Free Use of TAP to Mitigate COVID-19 Impacts

For teams at any enterprise in need of tools to sustain business continuity during the pandemic. 

 AUSTIN, TX – April 15, 2020 – Mitratech, a world leader in workflow automation, has released four  new workflow templates, available free of charge to any company facing operational challenges created by the coronavirus outbreak.  In addition, the TAP Workflow Automation solution itself is now available free of charge to any enterprise until September 30, 2020.

As Brian McGovern, General Manager, Workflow Solutions at Mitratech says, “It was important to us to take it a step beyond just providing workflows. Giving all companies, even non-clients, access to TAP Workflow Automation will help them respond quickly and efficiently to the disruptions they’re facing. That’s critical at a time like this.”

Mitratech will not only provide TAP for free, but will cover its hosting costs during the period.

The new workflows include a Self-Reporting Risk Assessment process for capturing information about the health status and COVID-19 risk level of employees, especially those working remotely, in order to manage the impact of the virus on their operations and workforce wellness. Using an online questionnaire, an employee can report to Human Resources if they’ve tested positive for COVID-19, been in contact with persons who have tested positive, or report other risk factors or impacts such as recent travel to a high-risk location, a shutdown of their children’s school, or other items.

An Onsite Visit Request Approval allows screening of privileged-access employees who may need to come back into the office to check on environments, or others may need items from the office to sustain their work-from-home situations. To ensure their safety and that of facilities staff, companies need a streamlined process for reviewing onsite visit requests. The process uses an online form to ask a series of health, exposure, and travel questions, and solicits explanatory answers if there’s a “yes” answer indicating possible COVID-19 exposure.

The Business Continuity – Law Firms workflow template is designed specifically for Legal Operations teams, allowing them to make sure outside counsel firms can still perform their jobs and maintain business-as-usual.  They can customize an online form or survey with any questions they need to be answered in order to determine if a firm can still carry out its business functions. Responses are then triaged automatically to a specified party in Legal Operations who can then follow-up or mark resolved once answers are sufficient.

Similar to the Business Continuity Use Case, a Case Continuity workflow allows Legal Operations to ensure outstanding cases are not put in jeopardy, and that work being carried out toward completion is still underway and in order.

The workflows will also be available to the existing TAP community via the TAP Co-Innovation Center, where users are encouraged to share their own workflow designs.

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