CEO Corner: How Acquiring Tracker Corp Affirms Our Mission

迈克-威廉姆斯 |

Risk takes many forms. Some are longstanding, some are relative latecomers, and some have only become apparent over the last several months. For a company of any size or reach, though, it’s certain that risk will arise on many varied fronts, and they’ll need the right tools to mitigate it.

Improving our ability to serve that need is what’s driving our newest acquisition, one we’re all thrilled to be able to announce to our clients and the rest of the legal, risk, and compliance community: Tracker Corp.

Since 2001, they’ve been one of the foremost providers of I-9 and Immigration Management solutions for HR departments, law firms, and other organizations. Their commitment to product excellence and user support is pretty much unmatched. The best proof of that? Their I-9 compliance software is the only product in its category that’s maintained a perfect track record of zero client fines in ICE audits.

That owes, in big part, to the people behind the company, starting with 朱莉-珀尔, its co-founder and chair, who’s also known as one of the nation’s leading immigration and employment attorneys. We can’t wait to begin drawing on her expertise and insight, and that of her team, as we assume stewardship of these products and begin serving the user community that’s come to rely on them.

Expanding our range to further our mission

In these days of increasing government scrutiny and regulatory pressure, a sudden pivot to remote workforces, and the fact a lot of firms are still laboring under the burden of costly, outmoded manual staffing processes? The solutions we’re adding to our lineup – 追踪器I-9 Compliance 移民追踪 – are ideal additions to our product range.

They’ll help us do an even better job of carrying out Mitratech’s mission: To empower our clients to transform their legal and compliance operations with past-proven, future-proofed solutions for mitigating risk across all lines of business within their organizations.

That’s a sizable goal, but we have the real-world talent on board at Mitratech to achieve it. The reason to constantly raise our game? Because it’s benefitting our clients, and that focus on their needs is what’s kept us successful for 30-plus years.

Serving a client-first approach

In our view, a provider – in practically any industry, not just technology – is 真正的 partnering with customers when their goals are as important as its own. An acquisition like Tracker Corp absolutely has to plug into our client-centric mission of solving their dilemmas and supporting their success.

The spiraling challenges and risks facing organizations today spring up on multiple fronts, and even the slightest can sometimes affect the entire entity. So clients want tools for proactively identifying and mitigating them wherever they occur. Satisfying that need requires we take an integrated, holistic, client-first approach to how we structure, deliver, and support our solutions, and Tracker Corp is one more step in that evolution.

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