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As the ground continues to shift beneath our feet, it’s time to cut unwanted admin weight and bring efficiency, resourcefulness, and collaboration to new heights; join Mitratech’s 4 informative sessions at Legalweek 2023. 

ALM’s Legalweek returns March 20-23, 2023, for a week of panel discussions and interactive presentations that will leave legal leaders feeling inspired to restructure firm relationships, revisit their legal analytics, battle burnout, and elevate their legal processes.

Don’t miss our Mitratech-sponsored Legal Operations Track, featuring three immersive panel sessions on Tuesday, March 21st, and one deep dive into digital transformation and emerging tech on Thursday, March 23rd.

This year’s theme? Operation: Legal Operation.

The Meaning Behind the Mission — Operation: Legal Elevation

Anticipating economic pressures and evolving demand, law departments are shifting focus to the upcoming law firm rate review cycle and more strategic legal technology investments in 2023. According to HBR’s Annual Law Department Benchmarking Survey, 71% of departments report still expecting to see a rise in internal legal spending (up from 55% last year), 60% of departments reported implementing a legal data analytics tool (up from 52% last year), and 29% expressed interest in robust workflow automation tools (up from 19% last year). 

Meanwhile, legal department leaders admit that choppy waters still loom ahead, with 69% predicting that changing demand/volume of work will be a top challenge heading into the 2023 planning process and 64% highlighting macroeconomic factors as a #1 concern. 

So, where does this leave technology innovation? In 2023, it’s no longer about large-scale digital transformation; it’s about strategically investing in the right foundation to help you get the most value out of the processes and resources you already have. 

As the ground continues to shift beneath our feet and economic pressures rise, Mitratech is on a mission to help today’s forward-thinking legal teams cut unwanted admin weight and bring efficiency, resourcefulness, and collaboration to new heights.

We’re taking center stage at Legalweek with four informative and dynamic sessions covering how to do just that. You’ll hear from our experts in everything from avoiding burnout with workflow automation to “Life after go-Live” with our friends from HBR Consulting. 

Mark Your Calendars For Our Legal Ops Track Takeover

Session 1 | From Burnout to Breakthrough: Legal Automation to Take Back Your Time

Tuesday, March 21 11:30am – 12:30pm ET | Sutton North

Workplace burnout is real and on the rise; 76% of employees report experiencing burnout on the job at least sometimes, and 28% say they are “very often” or “always” feeling burned out at work. Knowing that fatigue significantly impacts performance and overall well-being — and that employees suffering from burnout are 2.6 times more likely to search for a different job — forward-thinking employers are looking for ways to proactively address employee stress and manage workloads.

See how some of today’s market leaders have transformed the end-to-end request and collaboration process and achieved new levels of efficiency with no-code workflow automation, streamlining tasks without IT, project committees, or outsourcing. They are sharing first-hand insights into how 无代码自动化 can help transform your department’s engagement and output, complete with insights for building your business case.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to identify which processes are contributing to burnout and frustration
  • Ways to kickstart automation in your department for quick wins
  • Tips for quantifying your work and progress

Mitratech’s Brian Mcgovern, Executive Director of CLC Solutions, will be hosting:

  • Jessica Vander Ploeg – Vice President, Legal Operations | OpenText
  • Eric Paul – Sr. Legal Technology Innovation Manager | AT&T
  • Nancy Scott – Director, Legal Operations, Head of Legal Technology | SMBC


Session 2  | The Great Beyond: Life After Go-Live with HBR

Tuesday, March 21, 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET | Sutton North

So, you’ve implemented a new legal technology for your organization — but is anybody using it? These leaders pull from their own system implementation stories and expose top industry missteps (and how to avoid them using technology!) to help point you in the right direction to get users into the system and realize the value of your technology investment.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to optimize technology 3-months, 6-months, 12-months, and 2-years after go-live to increase adoption and elevate the user experience
  • Tips for increasing connectivity across your enterprise
  • Ways to leverage technology to access better insights and analytics
  • How to evolve your current technology platform to meet future economic and business needs

Mitratech’s Danish Butt, Director of Legal Solutions Partners, will be hosting: 

  • Adina Newman, Associate Counsel, Legal Innovation & Operations, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.
  • Eric Paul, Sr. Legal Technology Innovation Manager at AT&T
  • Anuj Patel, Senior Manager at HBR Consulting


Session 3  | Quality over Quantity: 3 Steps to Reducing Outside Counsel Costs Without Sacrificing Performance

Tuesday, March 21 3:30 – 4:30pm ET | Sutton North

Law firm rates are increasing quickly (especially at the largest firms) and legal teams have limited leverage to push back. Meanwhile, outside counsel fees are often split across 50, 100, or more firms – the largest of which are now multi-billion dollar enterprises — and legal teams are struggling to keep costs in check. Inefficient headcount cuts or hiring freezes are not the answer, but how do you manage costs when you don’t have the data to drive decision-making? As CFOs push for budget reductions and GCs struggle to keep firm rates low, legal teams need meaningful insights into the full picture of their legal spend (including where they can cut costs). And it’s not just about the numbers — It’s about teams having access to the technology, visibility, and best practices to manage outside counsel spending without sacrificing quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to thoughtfully review and evaluate your outside counsel firms by cost, performance, and innovation
  • Tangible examples from peers on where you can reduce your outside counsel costs
  • Where technology + human expertise can work together to capture even nuanced line items
  • Best practices for building a future-proof approach to spend management and cost oversight

Mitratech’s Aaron Kotok, Executive Director of Legal Industry Solutions, will be hosting: 

  • Tanya Holcomb, General Counsel & Secretary, BAYADA Home Health Care
  • Bill Garcia, Chief Practice Innovation Officer at Thompson Hine LLP


Session 4: Digital Transformation Declassified: Emerging Technology and the Art of the Possible

Thursday, March 23, 11:00am-12:00pm ET | Sutton South

Amid ongoing supply chain challenges and internal budget constraints, legal technology investment is still predicted to increase threefold by 2025, with tools for workflow automation, contract management, and analytics gaining the most traction amongst law departments heading into the new year. How can innovation continue to reach new heights even as the ground shifts? 

Here’s the secret: More organizations are ditching quick-fix point solutions with incompatible features, custom code, no API integrations, etc., for a scalable platform approach that adapts to fit their full breadth of legal needs. Emerging technology is making it easier than ever to begin — and optimize — the digital transformation journey with a foundation of intelligent SaaS workflow automation, ‘single-source of truth’ analytics, and flexible industry integrations that take the administrative lift off of your team.

Key Takeaways:

  • We’re delivering a [declassified] look at emerging tech in 2023 and beyond, sharing insider tips on how you can:
  • Identify solutions that allow for agile development and quick time to value
  • Select platforms that are flexible enough to integrate new emerging technologies
  • Enable your team members to develop and automate themselves
  • Leverage AI tools to enable your team to move faster and focus on high value responsibilities

Mitratech’s  Justin Silverman, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Product Management, will be hosting: 

  • Jordan Ritenour, Co-founder, CEO at ClearLaw AI

But Wait — There’s More: Don’t Miss…. 

Mitratech’s SideQuest Social Event 

If you haven’t gotten the chance to experience one of Mitratech’s one-of-a-kind social events, now’s your chance! Be sure to stop by Ocean Prime on Wednesday, March 22nd, from 4-10 pm, for themed cocktails, mocktails, live music, and plenty of knowledge sharing. Space is filling up fast; RSVP now to secure your spot.

TAP on Tour 

Calling all automation-curious and process-first fanatics: The workflow insights don’t stop at Legalweek — on Thursday, March 23rd, automation experts will be a 3-minute walk from the Hilton for a free, half-day workshop. 

TAP on Tour offers seven unique stops across the U.S., gathering innovators from the local and global automation communities together for a series of use case deep dives, best practices, and networking. 

We can tell you all about it – or, you can come see for yourself. Join Mitratech and KP Labs at our next tour stop on March 23rd, in New York City (or sign up for our remaining locations!).  

Operation: Legal Elevation - join Mitratech at TAP on Tour