Transform Legal – and your entire business – into a hub of innovation and excellence

Securely extend the virtues of TeamConnect’s proven, single source of truth throughout the entire organization. While accelerating time-to-value through the rapid integration of legal and compliance-related workflows.

Extend the power of TeamConnect

With TAP, you can extend TeamConnect’s single source of truth and legal best practices outside your legal department. So you’ll embed compliance, collaboration, and efficiency in processes used by other departments – and even outside counsel.

TeamConnect and TAP Integration

9 ways TeamConnect + TAP drive transformation

PRA's CP6/22 Model Risk Management - Principle 1

Extend best practices everywhere

Standardized forms, compliant workflows, and centralized oversight ensure legal best practices are designed into processes across the whole business – and beyond.

PRA's CP6/22 Model Risk Management - Principle 2

Optimize your entire organization

Legal gets to drive adoption of smarter, faster, error-free and ultra-efficient workflows in other departments, making it a strategic asset for the company (and the CFO’s favorite).

PRA's CP6/22 Model Risk Management - Principle 3

Innovate new solutions

Both feature extraordinary flexibility, customizability, and adaptability. Combined, they’ll allow users to design their own perfect solutions to meet challenges or new opportunities.

Number 4

Proactively manage risk

As risks multiply, legal best practices and compliance need to be implemented everywhere. By connecting people and processes in new ways, you’ll be able to mitigate risks before they occur.

Number 5

Accelerate responsiveness and ROI

With TAP, processes execute in as little as 1/20th the time as before, driving powerful ROI. Paired with TeamConnect, workflows everywhere get both compliant and faster.

Number 6

Slash costs and errors

You’ll accelerate processes and reduce work hours, eliminate human error and lost documents, enjoy blue-chip security and data protection, and avoid compliance penalties.

Number 7

Control outside counsel spend

TAP can not only automates outside counsel workflows, but monitors and optimizes them via centralized dashboards, giving you analytics-driven insight into their performance.

Number 8

Become a strategic partner within the enterprise

TeamConnect + TAP equips your legal department to become a highly efficient and responsive resource, a primary innovation driver and hub of excellence for the entire enterprise.

Number 9

Make digital transformation simple and painless.

TeamConnect + TAP are renowned for their reliability, ease of adoption and use, and world-class customer support, making them a safe first step in transforming your legal operations.

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