"Das Tolle an Mitratech ist, dass sie uns zuhören und durch unsere Vorschläge weitere Software entwickeln, die unserem Unternehmen hilft, erfolgreicher und profitabler zu sein."Reckitt Benckhiser

Expect performance

Our products are quick to adopt and learn, so you’re rapidly empowered to innovate solutions for any challenge, no matter the size or complexity. But our people are the real performers, each 100% focused on your success.

They leverage top-tier partnerships and painless integration of our products, customized and “right-sized” to your needs. Plus, they’ll provide secure global cloud services to keep you productive and protected, with proven reliability, results, and ROI.

Expect experience

We put over 30 years of experience to work on your behalf. That’s for over 7,000 organizations of all sizes across the globe and spanning over 160 countries. And we can honestly claim 100% implementation success, too, for products relied upon by corporations worldwide.

One reason? We call on your experience, as we involve clients at every step of product planning and development. Your feedback drives purpose and usability for every new or improved feature, and for every update or new product.




Expect support

You’ll get support from a team of in legal and GRC solutions experts like none other in the industry, responsive and collaborative and committed to your success. And from a big, enthusiastic user community that’s driving legal tech transformation worldwide.

Plus, there’s our Client Success Center, dedicated success programs, client working groups, our annual Interact user conference, and even more. Just ask any Mitratech client; they’ll have plenty to say about how we support your needs.

Erwarten Sie Erfolg

Your success is our success. That’s what drives us, and we’re proud of our long track record of satisfying legal and compliance professionals and their organizations.

We’re here to help you safely take advantage of the technological transformation that’s underway for corporate legal and GRC functions. Whether you’re a bleeding-edge early adopter or a latecomer to this movement, we’re a proven quantity in helping you reach the next level of success.

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