Unparalleled insight into compliance obligations and regulatory management

Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO) gives your compliance team a centralized, holistic overview of your organization’s compliance obligations and business risks.

You can’t afford to only be reactive

Today, understanding compliance obligations and the potential impact of regulations is essential to mitigating business risk. The operational concerns of corporations, along with audit requirements and regulatory changes, are forcing compliance teams to manage complex, overlapping obligations.

Staying passive – or worse, reactive – isn’t an option: the risks and costs, in opportunities unrealized and negative impacts on profitability, can be too damaging. Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO) and risk management software gives your compliance team a centralized, holistic overview of your organization’s compliance obligations and business risks.

How CMO software ensures compliance

CMO is a flexible, integrated solution that “connects the dots” between regulations, their requirements, specific activities needed for compliance, and stakeholders across your organization. Automate new processes, make changes easily, and integrate seamlessly with industry-leading business intelligence tools to help drive continual improvement and compliance.

With a robust web-based platform, intuitive user-interface, and a mobile app, CMO risk and compliance management software empowers compliance teams by:


Centralizing data from across the enterprise to simplify reporting and audit requests


Providing a clear overview of the entire compliance landscape via the Obligations Register


Eliminating manual and paper processes by letting end-users use the mobile app to capture incidents and compliance data in real-time


Delivering requirements for internal and external audits on time and in full, thus reducing the risk of violations and regulatory fines

Compliance software powered by robust technology

Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO) is a leading solution for good reason, solving a wide spectrum of compliance challenges from both internal and external sources:


Obligations Management

Track and collaborate on compliance efforts, define compliance activities and controls, and implement the process needed to meet regulatory obligations reduce violations and regulatory fines.


Audit and Assessment

Use CMO tools to manage internal, external, and 3rd party audits; support the entire end-to-end process from audit planning, scheduling, and execution, to reporting, risk assessment, and remediation.


Management von Zwischenfällen

Respond quickly and efficiently to incidents before they escalate and have significant consequences. Prevent incidents from occurring in the first place by analyzing and mitigating potential risks ahead of time.



Statutory and regulatory obligations demand clear end-to-end control of enterprise risk management processes. Get a consistent and centralized view of enterprise risks, ensuring exposures are addressed and minimalized.

Identify, understand, and manage your obligations under thousands of ever-changing regulations.

Meet obligations and ensure employee compliance by quickly and easily creating, reviewing, communicating, and capturing attestation for new policies.

Gain full lifecycle risk management for your organization’s exposure to all non-IT supported applications and technical assets including models, tools, calculators, end-user computing and spreadsheets.

Collect, manage, and mine key and compliance-critical data and content everywhere within the business via a secure “single source of truth” central repository.

Gain oversight of third-party risk with vendor risk assessment, automated vendor monitoring, fourth-party vendor tracking, concentration risk analysis, and more.

Use pre-built risk framework templates to simplify Enterprise Risk Management of your organization, processes, applications, and providers.

Embed your policy and information governance best practices in operational processes throughout the enterprise via easily automated, fully audited, and flexible workflows.

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