Legal hold software, simplified

Mitratech LegalHold is an intuitive SaaS solution that gives you complete control of every legal hold, so you mitigate litigation risk, cut costs, and improve outcomes.

Every organization is obliged to preserve relevant information when it learns of impending litigation or investigation. But traditional approaches to legal holds are difficult, costly, and error-prone, leaving a company open to risk.

Relevant data and documents can be scattered among any number of people and systems in multiple departments or locations. That makes hands-on, manual compliance incredibly difficult and costly. Without an automated legal hold solution, staffers struggle to identify custodians and obtain the attestations needed to ensure defensible compliance.

LegalHold’s intuitive design simplifies the entire process, maximizing efficiency for both the legal department and custodians. In just four easy steps, a legal team can create and manage a legal hold – a standardized, repeatable process reducing the risk of potential evidence being deleted, and able to stand up to judicial scrutiny.

Tools for success both today and tomorrow

Here’s how LegalHold enables the legal department to be the best-run function in your organization.

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Save legal staff time

Cut their time managing legal holds by 75% thanks to a consistent, reportable process that also mitigates litigation risk.

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Integrate securely

Legal hold software integration with Active Directory and HR systems lets you quickly identify potential custodians of relevant information, based on up-to-date employee data.


Automate custodian engagement

Communicate instructions to the right custodians, then automate reminders and escalations to drive timely compliance.


Track and report on legal hold responses

Time and date stamps ensure that your legal hold results are auditable and defensible against judicial scrutiny.


Integrate with TeamConnect and eCounsel matter management

Improve visibility and governance, and take full advantage of a single source of truth for all aspects of a legal matter.


Provide a modern, mobile optimized experience with legal hold software

By improving their user experience, you’ll improve compliance among custodians being asked for attestations.

Technologien für Produktionswachstum (und Kostensenkung)



Die am weitesten verbreitete End-to-End-ELM-Plattform, auf die sich die weltweit führenden Rechtsabteilungen bei der Verwaltung der wichtigsten juristischen Prozesse und Abläufe verlassen.

TAP Workflow-Automatisierung

TAP Workflow-Automatisierung

Mit TAP können Sie nahezu jeden sich wiederholenden manuellen Prozess automatisieren, so dass Sie sich auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren können: die Arbeit zu erledigen, anstatt sich mit Workflows herumzuschlagen.


Acuity ELM Grundlagen

Die SaaS-Lösung für die Verwaltung von Rechtsangelegenheiten, die integrierte Verwaltung von Rechtsangelegenheiten, elektronische Rechnungsstellung, Tools für die Zusammenarbeit mit externen Anwälten und Berichte für kleine und mittelgroße Rechtsteams bietet.

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