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Mitratech’s GRC Solutions: Powerful Business Partners for All Organizations

Cutting-edge GRC technology designed to provide enormous value drivers that aim to boost operational efficiency, reduce costs, deliver unprecedented ROI and enhance agile processes within your organization.

In today’s business landscape, organizations require a solution that is scalable, flexible, and highly configurable by design. With Mitratech as your strategic business partner, deliver unmatched performance, quick time-to-value, rock-solid reliability, and effortless adoption across your business.

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Mitratech’s GRC Technology Delivers Comprehensive Coverage of Key GRC Use Cases

Whether you are just starting to implement risk management processes, or looking to deploy next-generation GRC programs across your full organization; Mitratech’s GRC solutions deliver versatile applications, convenient out-of-the-box templates, and full coverage of key GRC use cases to deliver data-driven decision-making.

"We use Mitratech’s GRC platform in our process as a validation tool for evidence collection on a custom set of controls. Mitratech’s Alyne far exceeds any other tool we have looked at."

—Phil Foley, Principal Consultant at Verizon

Extensive Coverage of Standards, Laws, and Regulations – Interlinked to a Powerful Risk Universe

Ensure compliance with standards, laws, and regulations relevant to your organization to ensure business continuity and operational success.

Over 60+ Standards, Laws & Regulations:

  • SMCR
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • Dodd-Frank
  • NYDFS500
  • ACSC Essential Eight
  • COSO
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • EBA Guidelines on ICT and Security Risk Management
  • MaRisk
  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2
  • CCAR
  • CECL
  • Op Res
  • CECL
  • NIST CyberSecurity Framework
  • BEAR and many more.

“We live digitization in all our processes. Therefore, it is important to us to integrate it into our internal processes. Mitratech’s Alyne helps us support our employees in the risk management space and beyond.”

—Anzhela Kuts, Chief of Staff at Neodigital

Why Mitratech? Simple. We Make GRC Easy!

Mitratech’s GRC platform provides enormous value drivers that aim to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance agile processes within your organization.

Access Mitratech’s library of more than 1600 controls and risks, with policies linked to global standards, laws and regulations. Go even further and manage your organization’s specific requirements linked to a control framework.

Measure and monitor levels of compliance within your organization, across your vendors and other third-parties with at scale assessments to automatically analyze deviations in compliance maturity.

Identify and qualify risks through assessments that provide instant insight with real-time risk exposure. Additionally, manage and quantify your value-at-risk through Mitratech’s simulation engine.

Easily create, run and manage multi-stage zero-code campaigns across your organization.

Leverage a number of standard integrations, connect bespoke data systems and securely upload and store files within Mitratech’s GRC Platform, secured by hardware cryptography.

Leverage in-app collaboration, scheduled reminders and customized email templates to ramp-up risk and compliance communication across your enterprise.

Built on modern and scalable cloud-based technology that enables easy adoption and fast scale-up of users across the organization. Intuitive design and in-app collaboration drives proactive decisions and promotes efficiency.

Quick and low cost implementation. Out-of-the-box content and assessment templates, pre-mapped to standards, laws and regulations delivers fast time-to-value and unprecedented ROI.

Explore Mitratech’s Comprehensive GRC Platform

Mitratech has the right mix of solutions to manage risks, increase efficiency, control costs, and scale for the future.


Mitratech’s Industry Leading GRC Technology

Don’t take our word for it, Mitratech’s award-winning GRC solutions receive praise and recognition, year-to-year, due to powerful innovation and capabilities within the field.


ISO Certified GRC Award

ISO 27001 Certification

The Certification Body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH certified that Mitratech’s Alyne has established and applied an Information Security Management System according to “Statement of Applicability” for operation and development of a SaaS-Platform for risk management and compliance.

AI Fintech 100 GRC Award

AI FinTech 100 Company

This prestigious ranking highlights the world’s most innovative solution providers developing AI and Machine Learning technologies to solve challenges or improve efficiency in the financial services industry.

Bloor GRC Award

EUC Bloor Research Report

Mitratech’s ClusterSeven product has been chosen as a Champion in the 2022 Bloor Research Report. The report measures EUC (end-user computing) management and the governance of risk prevention applications

Spark Matrix GRC AWard

SPARK Matrix GRC Platforms

Der Bericht von Quadrant Knowledge Solutions hat Mitratech in der SPARK-Matrix-Analyse globaler Governance-, Risiko- und Compliance-Plattformen (GRC) als Technologieführer 2022 ausgewählt.

Santander X GRC Award

Santander X Global Challenge Winner

Mitratech’s Alyne won this highly competitive challenge for delivering an innovative solution that supports SMEs in accelerating their digital transformation

“We live digitization in all our processes. Therefore, it is important to us to integrate it into our internal processes. Mitratech’s Alyne helps us support our employees in the risk management space and beyond.”

—Anzhela Kuts, Chief of Staff at Neodigital

See Our Cutting-Edge Corporate Legal & Claims Suite in Action



Cloud-native platform, powered by AI and machine learning, with cross-industry applications designed to offer support across the full GRC lifecycle.

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Regulatory technology for the financial services industry. Automation of risk, compliance, and vendor management.

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Powerful capabilities for delivering comprehensive MRM, IT, and EUC initiatives rapidly and efficiently.

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Streamline vital tasks involved in policy management with easy-to-use technology.

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TAP Workflow-Automatisierung


Seamless GRC solution workflow automation for 20x faster process execution across the entire organization and extended ecosystem (third parties).

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Vendor Insight

Best-in-class TPRM and VRM features to improve your TPRM program across the entire vendor lifecycle.

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Fully centralized and integrated capabilities for QHSE, risk, and compliance.

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Robust ECM system for the financial services industry. Gain complete control of business critical information.

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Compliance Manager (CMO)

Unparalleled insights into compliance obligations and regulatory requirements.

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Who’s Using Mitratech’s GRC Technology?

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about Mitratech’s GRC solutions. Furthermore, explore case studies to learn more about their journeys in the risk management and compliance spaces leveraging Mitratech’s next-generation technology.

Make Efficiency an Enterprise-Wide Initiative

Explore our portfolio of cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions for driving clarity and collaboration across every industry.
CLC x Mitratech (1)

Recht und Schadenersatz

Elevate your legal department into a high-visibility hub of innovation, efficiency, collaboration, and excellence with cloud-based solutions that make it easy to field legal requests, gather data, and eliminate bottlenecks.

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WFA x Mitratech (1)

Automating the Organization

Connect your GRC solution with workflow automation for seamless, cross-functional, collaboration and 20x faster process execution across the entire organization and extended ecosystem (third-parties).

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HRC x Mitratech (1)

Human Resources (HR)

Mitratech’s human capital portfolio powers faster, more compliant hiring and onboarding, with integrated and secure candidate verification for HR and Immigration professionals worldwide.

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Elevate your GRC program today!

Reach out to our team with any questions, schedule a demo or learn more about Mitratech’s GRC solutions.