Manage your Shadow IT and uncover hidden risk

Discover and manage the hidden, sensitive spreadsheets, applications, and data assets that lie outside of IT’s control – and create risk.

Now you can easily and efficiently capture and maintain an inventory of the files your organization relies upon and monitor who’s making changes, helping you meet audit and compliance requirements und prevent problems before they impact your enterprise.

“Shadow IT” refers to the hundreds or even thousands of End User Computing (EUC) spreadsheets and other data assets hidden across your enterprise, created by employees using applications that are outside of IT’s development and management process; Excel spreadsheets are one of the most common examples.

See how EUCs can affect SOX compliance →

ClusterSeven locates the spreadsheets and EUC applications in use across your organization, identifies the relationships between them and their data lineage, and assesses the risks associated with them. You’ll gain transparency into what files you have, who owns each one, and which areas of the business use them.

Learn how EUCs impact SMCR compliance →

Classify the risks associated with your newly discovered EUC files and organize them in a centralized database. Once you’ve established the spreadsheets your organization is using, you can carry out a deeper risk analysis on critical files using rules that matter to your business, such as the complexity of a formula or macro, use of sensitive terms in the file like “confidential,” inclusion of unprotected client or personal data, or the presence of hidden worksheets.

How hidden files can affect OpRes compliance →

Easily monitor who’s making what changes to which files by designing workflows and alerts within your central EUC environment in order to help you meet audit and compliance requirements. Know exactly when these files were created or modified and who took those actions using role-based security permissions. And don’t worry about having too many spreadsheets or EUCs: ClusterSeven can handle over 100,000 files in a single database.

How to manage impacts on data privacy compliance →

By creating a control framework to your spreadsheets and databases, you’re establishing a defensible compliance program that can satisfy the requirements of various regulatory bodies. ClusterSeven can assist with managing the review and approval process for critical cells in high-risk or high-stakes spreadsheets and can automate the production of documentary evidence for different regulation requirements with its robust reporting dashboard. ClusterSeven helps satisfy the requirements of a variety of regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SMCR, OpRes, data privacy regulations like GDPR, SS 3/18, and SR 11-7 and is agile enough to adapt to any changes in the regulatory obligations.

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A robust solution set that’s customizable and scalable for any enterprise

Insights & analytics

Discover all the spreadsheets and EUCs across your enterprise

The Discovery tool does just what it says – it allows organizations to discover all the spreadsheets and EUC assets, even those that are hidden, then assess them, and understand how they’re connected.

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Verwaltung von Aufzeichnungen

Manage your business-critical spreadsheets in a single platform

The ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager provides one central platform for management of business-critical spreadsheets and supports the complete spreadsheet management lifecycle.

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Centralize documents & access

Centrally manage your EUC inventory with IMS

The ClusterSeven Inventory Management System stores all your business-critical spreadsheets and other key applications in a single, secure place.

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Gain insight into your Microsoft Access databases with ADM

The Access Database Manager supports governance processes for assessing and reducing risk associated with Access databases, by applying a database control framework and lifecycle management to them.

Learn more about the Access Database Manager →

The power of Shadow IT Manager, but in the cloud

Get the same level of transparency and control for cloud-based data as you get for EUCs by deploying our Cloud Spreadsheet Manager.

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Uncover your Shadow IT risk with a ClusterSeven Health Check

Want to gain insight into the hidden spreadsheets and EUC files scattered throughout your enterprise? A comprehensive ClusterSeven Health Check will automate their discovery, risk-assess them, and store them in an active inventory as part of your ongoing business-as-usual continuity process.


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Erkennen, verstehen und verwalten Sie Ihre Verpflichtungen aus Tausenden von sich ständig ändernden Vorschriften.

Erfüllen Sie Ihre Verpflichtungen und stellen Sie die Einhaltung der Vorschriften durch Ihre Mitarbeiter sicher, indem Sie neue Richtlinien schnell und einfach erstellen, überprüfen, kommunizieren und deren Bestätigung erfassen.

Verschaffen Sie sich ein umfassendes Lebenszyklus-Risikomanagement für alle nicht-IT-gestützten Anwendungen und technischen Anlagen Ihres Unternehmens, einschließlich Modellen, Tools, Rechnern, Endbenutzer-Computern und Tabellenkalkulationen.

Erfassen, verwalten und nutzen Sie wichtige und Compliance-kritische Daten und Inhalte überall im Unternehmen über ein sicheres zentrales Repository als "Single Source of Truth".

Verschaffen Sie sich einen Überblick über die Risiken von Drittanbietern mit Hilfe von Risikobewertungen von Anbietern, automatischer Überwachung von Anbietern, Nachverfolgung von Drittanbietern, Analyse von Konzentrationsrisiken und vielem mehr.

Verwenden Sie vorgefertigte Risikorahmenvorlagen, um das Enterprise Risk Management Ihrer Organisation, Prozesse, Anwendungen und Anbieter zu vereinfachen.

Verankern Sie Ihre Best Practices für Richtlinien und Information Governance über leicht automatisierte, vollständig geprüfte und flexible Workflows in die betrieblichen Abläufe im gesamten Unternehmen.

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