Unparalleled insight into compliance obligations and regulatory management

The global economy and supply chain challenges continue to make it harder to monitor and manage compliance obligations.

Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO) is a flexible, integrated solution that “connects the dots” between regulations, their requirements, specific activities needed for compliance, and stakeholders across your organization.

In addition to providing your compliance team with a comprehensive overview of your organization’s compliance obligations and business risks via a robust, web-based platform, intuitive user-interface, and mobile app, CMO allows you to automate new processes, easily drive compliance updates, and integrate seamlessly with industry-leading business intelligence tools to drive continual improvement and compliance.

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Unparalleled insight into compliance obligations and regulatory management
Mitratech Compliance Manager

Move from reactive to proactive with CMO

The steps your team takes daily to meet obligatory requirements can be manual, repetitive, time-consuming, and especially difficult when efforts are disjointed and managed locally instead of centrally. CMO overcomes those problems by empowering your compliance team to:

  • Manage regulatory and contractual obligations
  • Collaborate on compliance deliverables
  • Deliver requirements for internal and external audits with ease
  • Define obligations and controls
  • Increase adherence to procedures
  • Reduce violations and regulatory fines.

Gain control over your compliance obligations today

Learn how to increase transparency and actionable insight into all the compliance requirements across your organization with CMO.


Solving compliance challenges for the modern enterprise

CMO addresses a wide spectrum of compliance challenges from both internal and external sources:

obligations management icon

Obligations Management

Track and collaborate on compliance efforts, define compliance activities and controls, and implement the processes needed to meet regulatory obligations to reduce violations and regulatory fines.

audit assessment icon

Audit and Assessment

Use CMO to manage internal, external, and third-party audits. CMO supports the entire process — from audit planning, scheduling, and execution to reporting, risk assessment, and remediation.

incident management icon

Incident Management

Respond quickly and effectively to incidents before they escalate and cause significant consequences for your business. Prevent incidents from occurring in the first place by analyzing and mitigating potential risks before they arise.

risk management icon

Risk Management

Statutory and regulatory obligations demand clear end-to-end control of enterprise risk management processes. Get a consistent, shared view of enterprise risk, ensuring exposures are addressed and minimalized.

Easy to adopt. Rapid to deploy. Simple to use.

As a web-based platform, CMO’s risk and compliance management software decreases implementation time, improves user adoption, and drives superior compliance outcomes by:

  • Centralizing data from across the enterprise to simplify reporting and audit requests
  • Providing a clear overview of the entire compliance landscape via the Obligations Register
  • Eliminating manual and paper processes by enabling users to leverage the mobile app to record incidents and compliance data in real-time
  • Delivering requirements for internal and external audits effortlessly and on time, reducing the risk of violations and regulatory fines.
CMO - risk and compliance management software

How does CMO empower compliance teams worldwide?

CMO helps you gain control over your compliance obligations with software that is:

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Streamline and automate existing compliance processes allowing for more robust and repeatable outcomes.

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Respond to regulatory and operational changes faster and adapt your processes without coding or scripting.

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Create personalized forms and workflows to manage obligations, control compliance activities, and monitor data collection in an integrated solution.

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Get real insights from your compliance data to make better decisions and drive continuous improvement with operational excellence.

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Keep stakeholders connected with ongoing developments via proactive alerts and shared updates.

See how customers across the globe are managing their compliance obligations with CMO

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Brussels Airport

Discover how the European airport implemented CMO to help garner better mobility and provide cluster analysis to identify hotspots.

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Network Rail Logo

Network Rail

Learn how National Rail uses Mitratech CMO to reduce manual processes and maintain compliance with national regulators.

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Compliance Management Software offers a centralized, holistic view of your compliance obligations and risk.

Elevate your GRC solutions with Mitratech’s Compliance Manager (CMO) today.


Compliance management is the strategy, processes, and tools your company leverages to align its systems, policies, and procedures with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Compliance management is your company’s defense against any litigation, audit, or citation of non-compliance. It ensures that people in your organization are aware of, understand, and follow the needed regulations, laws, and rules to keep your organization free of fines, penalties, or reputational damage.

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