Cut Legal Costs In-House and Out

Mitratech’s legal spend management and analytics provide you with the visibility, control, and actionable insights to reduce legal spend with your outside counsel and internal teams. A disciplined use and enforcement of budgets — whether by time period, phase, or task — can be monitored via a centralized, configurable portal, enabling you to reduce vendor inquiries, minimize manual data input, mitigate budget overruns, and drive compliance.

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The Premier Partner in Legal Spend Management and Analytics

Our specially-trained team of legal professionals also serves as dedicated billing compliance and legal spend analysts for managed bill review. Remove the time spent on the manual invoice process with the power of both human expertise and technology line categorization so your team can spend their time on more strategic matters.

Combining industry-leading eBilling, legal spend analytics, and managed bill review, you can monitor and reduce legal spend from all angles, including internal hours, compliance, and outside spend.

Mitratech gives you the full picture of your legal spend.


Submit electronic invoices, communicate timekeeper information and rates, capture negotiations, collaborate on budgets, and more. Drive over 70% improved invoice data accuracy using machine learning and context-driven insights.

Spend Analytics

Automate reporting, understand exactly where your legal spend is going, and drive better data-decisions for the future.

Managed Bill Review

Our hand-curated approach to invoice review means that even nuanced, non-compliant invoice line items are captured.

With $4.5B in legal spend data reviewed to-date, we’ve helped some of our clients achieve:

6.7 average savings on legal invoices
10 annual reduction in spend
80 time savings in reviewing line items

Ready to reduce hidden fees and set new budget goals?

Explore Our Legal Spend Management Solutions

TeamConnect | Enterprise Matter Management

Highly-configurable, on-prem or cloud-based

The #1 most widely-used and sophisticated matter management and eBilling software, delivered to the most complex legal teams around the world.

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Quovant | Managed Bill Review & Spend Analytics

Human expertise combined with deep AI / ML analytics

The industry’s most advanced spend analytics— operating at 97% predictive accuracy!

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Gain unmatched visibility into legal spend and law firm performance with cutting-edge analytics to:

By combining 35+ years of industry expertise with AI-driven invoice review, you can ensure compliance backed by machine learning and the human element.

Remove your manual review and data entry processes with automated reporting, accelerated invoice review, and continuous, streamlined workflows.

In addition to cutting down on labor-intensive hours with automated processes internally, you can drive a 5-10% annual reduction in spend with enhanced transparency, compliance, and control.

Alongside enhanced compliance, you can trust your data to provide even deeper insights and business analytics to help your team forecast for the future.

Integrate with a Full Suite of Proven Suite of Legal Technology Solutions to Streamline Efficiency and Mitigate Risk Enterprise-Wide

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP Workflow Automation

Agile, no-code simplicity
Reduce your legal team’s inbox volume by 60% with workflows designed to streamline administrative tasks and mitigate human error (no I.T. setup needed!).


EraCLM | Contract Management

Modern interface, analytics, & guided collaboration
Up to 70% faster.end-to-end contracting with agreement drafting reduced to less than one minute per document.


Acuity | Matter Management

Quick time-to-value, cloud-based
Up to 30% ROI reported by first-time users with unique “as you go” dashboards, analytics, & insights.


LegalHold | Legal Hold Technology

Simple, ‘no frills’
Up to 75% faster legal hold management with consistent, repeatable processes.

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