Discover how Heinen’s Grocery optimized its applicant lifecycle and grew its talent pool with Mitratech’s TalentReef

Ready to transition beyond its antiquated, paper-based applicant tracking system (ATS), Heinen’s Grocery sought a modernized platform to drive its talent management strategy while streamlining and simplifying every step of the process.
The company needed a partner that could help optimize its job descriptions, increase engagement, and build a career site that was both attractive candidates and easy-to-use for its hiring managers.

Download the Heinen’s Grocery Case Study to learn more about how TalentReef has helped Heinen’s see results like:

  • A 24x faster onboarding process
  • An increase from 20-30 new candidates per month to 3,000 applicants in their funnel at any given time
  • Improved usability for hiring managers with a modern, simple interfac

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