Meet the Heart of Mitratech – Our HR Team
Meet the Heart of Mitratech – Our HR Team

Meet the Heart of Mitratech – Our HR Team

Lauren Jackson |

Meet the Mitratech HR Team – No “Tobys” from The Office here though, friends. This cool, fun collection of ladies (and gentlemen!) keep our culture fun and our core values – transparency, ownership and continuous improvement – thriving.

Recently, we sat down with the team to shed some more light on what they’re like behind-the-scenes, find out a few fun details and unveil what they love most about their job at Mitratech.

And now, without further ado…

Brandon Taylor


Corporate Training Coordinator

Fun Fact: Brandon collects swords. Don’t worry, we don’t ever plan to challenge him to a duel!

What he loves about his job? Getting to interact with all the new employees coming into the company and making the first impression of who we are at Mitratech.


Office Administrator

Fun Fact: Janna has a Carly Rae Jepsen tattoo. Also, she says, her photo is of her sitting in a chair, because sitting at her desk is her favorite form of exercise.

What she loves about her job? Helping people make their day easier. What we love? Seeing Janna’s smiling face when we first walk into our Austin office.

Naga Nimmagadda


Office Manager

Fun Fact: Naga can throw a mean axe! Let’s just say, I’m glad we’ll never be on the receiving end of that.

What she loves about her job? Mitratech has the best culture to work for and she loves the people. We love that she holds down the fort for us in our Houston office.


HR Assistant

Fun Fact: Deborah doesn’t know how to use a dishwasher and she doesn’t want to learn! Deborah – Does this mean you don’t have to do dishes?! If not, please teach us your secret!

What she loves about her job: Deborah loves working with benefits and delivering the presentations. She also likes that she gets to interact with new hires and employees from various departments. What we love? Her positive spirit and kind energy (and this photo!)


Executive Assistant

Fun Fact: Nicole is an avid Fantasy Football player. We hope she gives the folks in the leagues around our office a run for their money!

What she loves most about her job: Nicole enjoys getting to support such a dynamic leadership team. It’s not often that you get to see how a company’s leadership comes together (daily!) to align on key issues and overcome any functional barriers. Nicole feels humbled to be a part of this well-oiled machine that helps make Mitratech the industry-leading company that it is!

We love her cool tattoos and fun sense of style!


HR Administrator

Fun Fact: Saranya has a twin brother. She claims she’s the better one, according to her dad, but not so much according to her mother :). We know which twin we prefer – she already works with us!

What she loves about her job: That she gets to meet and work with lots of different people across the company and each day is different.

We only wish we could all spend more time with her face to face, but we know how much our Slough, UK office needs her!


VP of Global HR

Fun Fact: Jodi was a member of the Miami University “Drop Outs.” Don’t let the name fool you though – this highly educated woman didn’t quit university, no, she just joined their sky-diving club! Which means? She’s willingly jumped from a perfect good plane more than 10 times.

What she loves about her job: The people she works with and the fact that it never gets boring.

What we love? Jodi doesn’t just fearlessly jump out of planes, she fearlessly helps keep every employee at our company on track.


HR Generalist

Fun Fact: Just a few short years ago, LaSandra attended modeling school and landed a few gigs!

What she loves about her job: Most people think HR just plans fun events, hires and fires people and that’s it! But that’s only a small part of what they do. What LaSandra loves most? The research, the continuous learning, the collaboration with other departments, and helping employees navigate through the wooded forest of all that “stuff” HR does. She’s a full partner, dedicated to serving our employees…period.

We love how much patience LaSandra has in answering all of our various email requests!

Courtney Baumann


Sr HR Generalist

Fun Fact: Courtney once ate a pound of Skittles in two days. Okay…so she may have done this more than once. We’re both deeply impressed, and slightly jealous! What a delicious way to spend a day!

What she loves about her job: The ability to work on several aspects of HR from payroll to benefits, as well as participate in company-wide initiatives, such as the Community Involvement Program and Process Council.

We love that she keeps our Community Involvement program going too! It means we get to do tons of fun, rewarding activities for for our community – like plant trees and make Valentine’s Day cards to brighten a child’s day. See if you can spot her in this picture!


HR Coordinator

Fun Fact: Laura got a Texas State Parks Pass and a periodical that lists each brewery in Texas. When this wonderful state doesn’t feel like it’s on fire during the weekends, she’s usually out hiking through a new state park and checking a nearby brewery off her list. If you’re ever in San Antonio, Laura highly recommends you stop by Kunstler Brewing –their blackberry Himalayan Salt Gose is delicious!

Personally, we can’t think of anyone more fun to grab a beer – or go for a hike – with.

What she loves about her job: Laura loves focusing on supporting employees, rather than policing them. Whether this means encouraging our open PTO policy, emphasizing work-life fit, offering development opportunities, or organizing fun events like happy hours, volunteering and wellness challenges, her question is always “what else can we do to make Mitratech a great place to work?”

The truth is, she usually finds great ways to answer this question, too.


Assistant to CEO, Culture Manager

Fun Fact: She moved to Texas from Indiana with someone she had only known for three months. Now they’re married and have a baby. Talk about a leap of faith! Hey, whatever worked to bring you to Mitratech! We should also note, that her baby is super cute.

What she loves about her job: Samantha loves that she gets to meet and collaborate with so many different team members from across the company and learn what they love about working here – what they want to protect and, equally, what they want to change.

Here she is pictured with her baby and a classic Texas icon – a longhorn.


Talent Development Manager

Fun Fact: Michelle loves to travel and wants to see every single corner of the world! She even has a black and white map you scratch off when you go to new places. She’s excited to see the map full and colorful one day!

What she loves about her job: Michelle loves the fact that she gets the chance to meet and work with every single employee, regardless of location, department or role. She loves meeting (and talking!) with people and appreciates how people-focused her job is on a daily basis.

We love how she helps provide so many opportunities for learning and development to employees!


HR Business Partner

Fun Fact: Jeanette has zipped across the world’s steepest zip line, which is ZipTrek in Queenstown, New Zealand. It drops 30 stories and you hit more than 40 mph on the way down! Wow, Jeanette! She even has the t-shirt to prove it.

What you love: It sounds cheesy, Jeanette says, but she really does like the people she gets to work with each day. At this stage in her working career, it’s the people that really count to her!

We still can’t get over how cool that zip lining trek sounds. Can your next training be on how to be awesome, please?



Fun Fact: Annie is a licensed scuba diver and has been on over 25 dives, including the Blue Hole.

What she loves most about Mitratech? The relaxed, fun environment. We love her dedication to ultimate frisbee.


Recruiting Team Lead

Fun Fact: Justin collects vinyl albums and currently has around 250.

What he loves most about his job: Talking to candidates about the awesome people and culture at Mitratech. We like Justin’s dedication to working hard and having a good time, all at once.



Fun Fact: Taylor pole-vaulted in college. She also owns a really cute bunny-rabbit.

What she loves most about her job: Being able to work with all different departments. What we love most about Taylor? Her sunny disposition that lights up the office!