You likely already know that the potential benefits of mitigating risk and increasing legal professional productivity with AI and Machine Learning (ML) are profound — but where is this technology going, and how can you leverage it?

From supply chain challenges and shifting regulations to internal budget constraints, today’s business strategists must reevaluate their current approach to resilient operations and risk mitigation. And at a time when every dollar and every deal counts towards meeting quarterly and annual targets, strategic investment has never been more critical.

That’s why it may come as no surprise that today’s legal leaders are seeking out the right technology to help streamline time-consuming, repetitive tasks. To that end, the legal industry’s artificial intelligence (AI) software market is projected to grow by 29.17% over the next five years to hit a staggering 2,587.04 million USD by 2027. But what does this all mean for legal departments, and where is AL / ML heading in the legal industry over the next decade?

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