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Achieve ISO Certification or Improve a Management System in Australia With Integrated Business Management Software


In a modern business world that moves at a breakneck pace, the technology that powers a company’s daily operations should be a core part of its long-term strategy. With so many systems at so many levels producing a wide variety of data, managers and decision-makers at every level can benefit from improving the ways they interact with that information. However, older systems, now antiquated, don’t always “play nice” with one another. Accessing the data you want in a convenient and timely manner isn’t always easy. For organisations who seek to adhere to ISO standards, such as ISO 9001 or 14001 and other related EHS benchmarks, an integrated management system becomes even more critical.


At integrum, we’ve created integrated business management software that simplifies everything from basic human resources processes to complex risk management, regulatory compliance, and data mining. Built to be user-friendly at its core, integrum features a design meant to allow end users to continue to expand and customise their software deployment without any additional IT training or developer input. Due to the highly configurable features of the system, many organisations can see benefits from replacing legacy systems with integrum. With satisfied clients around the world and hundreds of thousands of monthly active users, we power solutions that push businesses forward each day.


integrum: integrated business system software for all Australia


In the early stages of a company’s growth, ad hoc systems and policies aren’t uncommon, but they shouldn’t become an integral part of operational procedures. If they do, it often creates fractured lines of communication and often leads to disparities in the way the business navigates critical situations or important compliance procedures. With integrum’s integrated management system software, it is straightforward to go about centralising everything from the latest policy documents to the company’s insurance policies. With everything in one place, improvements in management strategies are sure to follow.

Consider the benefits of using a platform that can do something as simple as logging the minutes of a meeting between upper management, or as complex as tracking corrective actions taken against non-conforming suppliers. Combined with a cutting-edge business intelligence package, integrum allows companies to see the “big picture” from multiple angles. These are advantages that older systems, especially legacy software and pen-and-paper record keeping, just can’t offer.


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integrum has helped businesses achieve greater success and improved operational efficiency not just in Australia, but around the world. Counted among our partners are major blue chips, such as Coca-Cola, and our all-in-one deployments allow businesses to continue customising solutions without additional input from our team.


With an integrated management system, ISO certifications become simpler to achieve and more straightforward to maintain. Create your own auditing workflows, collect data, and develop business intelligence based on a wide variety of factors, and do it all in a way that meshes directly with any existing integrated management software relied upon by your business. To find out more, request an integrum demonstration today.

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