Prohibition on Inclusion of Adverse Information in Consumer Reporting   

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has initiated amendments to Regulation V to include a Prohibition on Inclusion of Adverse Information in Consumer Reporting in Cases of Human Trafficking. 

In summary, the revised rule protects any adverse information item concerning an individual that resulted from a severe form of trafficking in persons or sex trafficking. Assurehire/Mitratech supports and stands by individuals who wish to protect information under this rule. Assurehire/Mitratech created the Information Protection Team (IPT) to assist and facilitate the blocking of such adverse items of information in furtherance of the revised Regulation V. 

The IPT will discuss the process and provide a link to upload identity documentation (as defined under 12 CFR § 1022.142(b)(1) ) and trafficking documentation (identified in 12 CFR § 1022.142(b)(6) ). There are three methods to contact the IPT:

  • Special toll free number: 1 (866) 599-8303 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Physical Mail: 2206 Plaza suite 200 Dr., Rocklin, CA 95765