Umfragen zur Kundenzufriedenheit


Erstellen Sie Workflows für die automatische Durchführung von Umfragen zur Kundenzufriedenheit, um den Vertrieb und die Kundenbindung zu unterstützen.


This QBR workflow is designed to automate the multiple steps involved in putting together a comprehensive quarterly meeting by:

  • Using TAP, survey forms can be customized on a general or per-project basis, and include embedded personalizations.
  • Forms can be housed on a web/mobile web page or embedded in email via integrations with an enterprise’s email marketing platform and other marketing stack components.
  • Workflow can be designed to trigger automated email invites/surveys at completion of a project, calendar points or other designated junctures.
  • Survey results which identify promoter/detractors, etc., can be automatically routed accordingly for appropriate follow-ups.
  • Follow-up surveys and internal reporting can be built into the workflow.
  • Centralized dashboard permits oversight of all survey workflows.


  • Supports efficient, automated sales and customer retention while streamlining these processes and reducing costs.
  • Frees sales personnel from mundane and time-consuming tasks.
  • Errors are eliminated via workflow and survey form standardization.
  • Improves the relationship between enterprise and customer through consistent, personalized engagement.
  • Provides a steady flow of valuable sales and CRM insights.
  • Generates secure workflow audit record for transparency and governance purposes.