Performance and Reliability

  • 99.99% availability in the preceding 12 months using the Mitratech Cloud environment.
  • No co-mingling of client data utilizing separated databases and file structures.
  • Optimized cloud environment, tuned specifically for Mitratech products, allowing clients to receive the best performance, security, and reliability available.
  • Global Mitratech workforce us available 24/7/365 to immediately handle any issue.
  • Application performance monitoring that permits us complete visibility over our products from end-to-end, so we can create baselines and react to changes to those baselines before clients see any impact.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Future-proof your operating environment by ensuring you won’t have to worry about buying more infrastructure hardware or purchasing additional infrastructure software down the road.
  • Fast product deployments and managed upgrades ensure you’re always using the latest version of a product.
  • No need to build, manage, and maintain costly infrastructure and security controls.

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