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PlatoBi is Mitratech’s cutting-edge, unified analytics platform that turns yesterday’s data into tomorrow’s actionable insights, empowering you to lead with confidence in the era of data-driven success.

Seamlessly integrate, analyze, and collaborate like never before, unlocking the true potential of your business strategy and innovation with a new Business Intelligence Analyst and Analytics Platform, interactive widgets, and a variety of dynamic dashboards driven by leading-edge algorithms and prescriptive insights.

business intelligence analyst software
business intelligence software

Build Your Foundation of Business Innovation on Trusted Business Intelligence Software

PlatoBI aims to move beyond data analytics and empower its users with the tools for transformative business growth and adaptability in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Just as the corporate balance sheet serves as a standard metric, we envision data intelligence fueling innovation across our ecosystem. PlatoBI’s evolution into a central hub of insights not only addresses the demand for richer analytics and quicker decision-making but also sets the stage for a paradigm shift toward Business Innovation and improved problem-solving.

It’s Time to Transform Yesterday’s Data into Tomorrow’s Actionable Insights.

Mitratech’s Business Intelligence Analyst Platform, PlatoBI, can help.


Discover PlatoBI Solutions and Dive Into Your Data Analytics

PlatoBI Data Analytics Dashboard

Unlock Legal Spend Insights with PlatoBI Legal Spend Dashboard in Managed Bill Review

Effortlessly tackle challenges in cost control and simplify your intricate legal operations landscape with the PlatoBI Legal Spend Dashboard, which empowers you with specific, actionable business analytics for effectively managing, monitoring, and optimizing legal spend.

With PlatoBI Legal Spend Dashboard, you can:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of spend changes year-over-year
  • Drill into the above widgets to get a timeline view of key KPIs and initiatives
  • Analyze timekeeper rates across different law firms for similar positions
  • Identify the least-compliant firms and understand the reasons behind adjustments
  • Track and compare where firms invest the most time
  • Pinpoint law firms utilizing flat fees for a clearer financial overview

Learn more about the Legal Spend Dashboard

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Analytics Platform

Empower Your Decision-Making with PlatoBI DataShare in Mitratech’s Enterprise Risk Management Platform

Easily share your risk management data from Mitratech’s agile GRC solution, Alyne, into the PlatoBI platform, where you can report on it and consolidate it with other products across the Mitratech suite. This includes other Business Intelligence tools (like Tableau and PowerBI), allowing you to break down information silos and provide a holistic view of risk data from across your entire organization.

With PlatoBI DataShare, you can:

  • Get real-time access and updates across databases 
  • Gain holistic data insights and a deeper understanding of enterprise risk 
  • Stay compliant and secure with a zero-copy data strategy
  • Integrate effortlessly (and at scale) across your organization

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Ready to Move Past Disparate Datasets and Empower Better Decision-Making?

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