Our DEIB Mission Statement

“We are dedicated to the pursuit of a diverse and conscious culture through continuous learning, empowering Mitratech team members, and holding each person accountable to advocate for one another from hiring to end of employment, regardless of lived experience.​”


Continuous Learning


Empowering Team Members


Accountability to Advocate


Employee Experience

Building an Inclusive Culture

By embracing diversity in all its forms, we leverage unique perspectives and experiences that fuel innovation and creativity. We recognize that true empowerment comes from creating a culture where individuals are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work, free from bias or prejudice. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond mere rhetoric – we actively promote equal opportunities, provide ongoing training, and ensure that every voice is heard and valued.

Chris Rowland, Executive Director of DEIB Strategy

“Mitratech is a company that believes in people and prioritizes building a culture where people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and working styles thrive. Leadership’s authentic approach fosters a work environment that is rooted in inclusivity, trust, and respect, promoting innovation and collaboration.”

Chris Rowland

Executive Director of DEIB Strategy

“ Mitratech provides a healthy work environment with flexibility and strong emphasis on ownership. DEI initiatives promote a positive culture, while empowering employees to set yearly goals fosters individual growth and meaningful contributions.”

Priya Arora

Corporate Training Coordinator

Senior Vice President, Professional Services and Support

“I’ve had the honor to serve on Mitratech’s DEIB council for a year, facilitating ongoing educational sessions aimed at fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. My own understanding of biases, cultural diversity, and creating a safe environment has significantly expanded as a result.”

Lacy DeBruyn

Sr. Vice President, Professional Services & Support

What’s better? We don’t stop our DEIB commitment within our walls.

Mitratech’s DEIB solution also allows other organizations across all markets to recruit and hire more diverse candidates.


Why is creating a DEIB policy important?

DEIB acknowledges the imperative need to continuously evaluate the humanity of a workplace, underscoring the essentiality of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in this pursuit.

These pillars serve as the backbone of a workplace of excellence, ensuring that every individual feels seen, heard, and valued, irrespective of their background, identity, or perspective.

By actively championing DEIB principles and practices, organizations not only cultivate an environment of fairness and respect, but also tap into the full potential of their talent pool, unlocking new levels of innovation, creativity, and productivity.


DEIB Executive Council

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Executive Council was created to unify initiatives and communicate an organizational commitment to inclusion. We aim to gain alignment and prioritize key initiatives that will enhance belonging, inclusion, equity, and diversity within the Mitratech culture. The council takes a big-picture, strategic approach as the organization continues to evolve. It advocates and supports organizational visibility, adoption, and accountability of DEIB efforts and importance.

Mike Williams Chief Executive Officer

Mike Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Rowland, Executive Director of DEIB Strategy

Chris Rowland

Executive Director of DEIB Strategy

Ashley Estilette Chief Marketing Officer

Ashley Estilette

Chief Marketing Officer

Ian Huynh Chief Technology Officer

Ian Huynh

Chief Technology Officer

Rene Barreda Chief People Officer

Rene Barreda

Chief People Officer

Senior Vice President, Professional Services and Support

Lacy DeBruyn

Sr. Vice President, Professional Services & Support


Amit Jain

Vice President of Engineering


Kai Brokamp

Director of Strategic Programs


George Boone

Sr. Manager, OE/ Talent Management

Elevated Community Relations

We’re constantly working to strengthen connections within our global community and tap our expanding network to provide better workplace support, inequity response, and inclusive learning opportunities


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