Legal hold: An overview

When your organization learns of pending litigation or investigation, it has a duty to preserve all relevant information – this process is what is commonly referred to as a legal hold.

Instigated once an organization is informed of an impending litigation process, a legal hold also requires all the usual processing or disposal of any relevant data to stop, ensuring it remains intact and stored for as long as required.

What is the legal hold process?

The process starts with a hold notice as soon as litigation is threatened. Once received, organizations are duty-bound to preserve any and all information that is useful for discovery. The information in question can range from physical copies of forms and documents, to digitally stored emails, images, instant messages, videos and more.

Proper management of the legal hold process is therefore crucial, and failure to comply can lead to severe legal, financial and reputational consequences. In the past, legal teams had turned to labor-intensive spreadsheets to track progress. But with multiple holds on the go at once, and often going on for years at a time, organizations find they need a more robust legal hold software solution to ensure automated tracking and accurate record management.

Control the risks & costs of the process

Legal holds are a crucial part of a litigation process. But manual and traditional approaches to doing this? They’re difficult, costly, and error-prone, leaving your enterprise open to risk.

What’s the answer? To adopt an easy-to-use, automated legal SaaS solution for controlling the costs, ensuring the compliance, and mitigating the risks of a legal hold process.

Legal Hold

Solve your legal hold pain points

Securely store and manage legal matters

Difficulty locating vital data

A SaaS solution makes it far easier for your legal department to identify the location of all data that may need to be collected.

mitigate risks

Inaccurate & incomplete attestation

Automatically identify, notify and instruct the right custodians of needed data, driving the 100% compliance you need.

Global compliance

A source of risk

Reduce exposure and negative outcomes by making hold results instantly reportable, so your process withstands judicial scrutiny.

Reduce external legal spend

High costs and inefficiency

Digitization and automation of the process can reduce staff time spent on a legal hold by as much as 75%.

Client-proven legal software solutions
for process management



The most widely used end-to-end ELM platform trusted by the world’s leading legal departments for managing core legal processes and operations.



An easy-to-use, automated SaaS solution for controlling the costs, ensuring the compliance, and mitigating the risks of a legal hold process.

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A leading-edge contract lifecycle management solution for improving efficiency, collaboration and time-to-agreement.

Acuity ELM Essentials Hex Icon

Acuity ELM Essentials

The SaaS legal management solution that provides integrated matter management, e-Billing, outside counsel collaboration tools, and reporting to small and mid-sized legal teams.

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