Workflow Automation for HR

Tired of your tasks feeling like all work, no flow?

By digitizing and streamlining tasks that were once manual and time-consuming, your HR team can focus on more strategic activities that truly add value to the organization and the employee experience. From recruiting and hiring to training and retention, Mitratech’s no-code workflow automation software serves as your sidekick, ensuring that processes are efficient, accurate, and compliant with regulations.

Discover No-Code Automation for Human Resource Management

HR teams benefit when technology steps in to eliminate human error and streamline repetitive processes, but nobody has time for a large overhaul, disruption to daily operations, or application coding and development.

With TAP, you can easily automate your work without developers and lengthy implementations.

TAP empowers non-technical users to create their workflows quickly (think days or weeks – shorter than the recruitment process or a performance review cycle).

Save your organization time, money, and effort in HR service delivery and operations – all while eliminating manual processes and improving employee experience.

Automation for Human Resource Management

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Elevate your processes from manual to manageable — in just a few TAPs.

TAP Automates Employee onboarding and system access
Employee onboarding and system access
TAP Automates Work authorization validation
Work authorization validation
TAP Automates Employee self-service “Ask HR” portals (ESS)
Employee self-service “Ask HR” portals (ESS)
TAP Automates Policy development & compliance attestation
Policy development & compliance attestation
TAP Automates Vendor onboarding and approval
Vendor onboarding and approval
TAP automats events & meetings approval process
Events & meetings approval process
TAP Automates Contractor onboarding & change request
Contractor onboarding & change Request
TAP Automates Offboarding, transition and resignation
Offboarding, transition and resignation
TAP Automates Offer letter and Employment Contracts
Offer letter and employment contracts

Not a Programmer? Not a Problem.

The no-code TAP HR workflow automation platform empowers even non-technical users to design, build, publish, and revise workflows quickly and effectively using a drag-and-drop designer, document templates, dynamic routing, and more.


TAP into the Power and Potential of Your HR Department

No code means that you own the workflow – and you control what it does.You owning the workflow means you have the decision-making ability to change it as your HR functions evolve.

The easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer empowers you throughout multiple HR processes, including things like onboarding, offboarding, collecting employee data, payroll processing, and more.

How it works: Create dynamic intake forms and document templates, or import and digitize your existing forms.

Define the flow of logic to drive each stage to its next action. Take manual tasks and configure your workflow for things like new hire enrollment, performance management, or employee engagement.

How it works: Optimize complex processes on your own using real-time collaboration, conditional routing, and integrations to your existing ecosystem. You can do this without a single line of code! (While this is self-service, our customer support team is always ready to help, should you have any questions!)

One-click publishing makes it easy to push your workflows live on your schedule and make updates as necessary. Even better, you can make it look like it belongs to your company! Add branding, colors, logos, and your voice to match what you want employees to see. 

Why it’s great: Give your team members consistency, from employee onboarding to exit interviews, in the way things look and feel.

Mitratech's TAP: drag-and-drop
TAP to optimizes complex processes
TAP's one-click publishing

REPEAT! Once you’ve seen the benefits of HR Automation, you’ll keep going.

Explore the Complete Mitratech Platform

Mitratech has the right mix of solutions for any team in any industry. We can automate and unit your team’s workflow to grow your business.


Turn Tasks into TAPs for Smoother HR Processes

By embracing HR workflow automation platform, workflow automation, you’ll spend less time on the tasks that fill up your to-do list and more time on the tasks that directly impact your employees. One TAP Workflow Automation customer is saving $3.6 million a year after introducing workflow automation as a business process management (BPM) tool.

TAP helps you Stay Compliant
Stay Compliant

HR automation software like TAP embeds best practices and compliance into every workflow, mitigating compliance that your HR staff may not know about – much less how to avoid.

TAP Automation

Automating your repetitive tasks eliminates human error and mitigates risks, eliminating things like spreadsheets and HRIS systems that could reveal employee data. Meanwhile, centralized dashboards and audit trails allow you to track and audit all process steps.

TAP allows you to collaborate easily

Your HR department may have stakeholders in different offices, states, or even countries, which requires a centralized location and management system. Drive more effective collaboration and teamwork with automatic notifications, e-signatures, and role-based access features.

TAP into Innovation

Mitratech’s co-innovation community allows global users to share workflow ideas, best practices, and advice. Allowing managers to get visibility into every workflow to monitor and fine-tune performance. Users share centrally-stored common assets, and all workflows and documents are automatically archived for security and review.

TAP helps you move faster
Move Faster

Workflows digitize many standard employee forms. Use them when hiring, administering employee compliance training, navigating benefits administration, or dealing with time crunches. Build, edit, and publish as often as policy changes happen. Where it works: Onboarding processes, employee benefits, applicant tracking, and more.

How does legal automation increase ROI?

Putting a workflow automation platform like TAP in place frees your employees to be more productive since they can focus on the actual work, not on wrestling with paperwork. The payback? Nearly immediate, and across a lot of fronts:


Hours Saved


Money Saved


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Legal teams choose TAP for Legal Automation

HR service delivery refers to the processes, systems, and strategies that human resources (HR) departments use to implement, manage, and deliver HR services to employees within an organization. It encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at providing employee self-service (ESS) support, policy adherence, and timely guidance to both employees and management regarding various HR-related matters.

One of the most popular uses of TAP is for onboarding automation.

Let’s consider the onboarding process for new employees in a company. With each new employee, there is a list of manual tasks involved, such as employee documents,  IT hardware and system access setup, and Manager orientation. Each is required to take place either concurrently or once the last step is done to facilitate an efficient and frictionless onboarding experience. With TAP – once a new hire is added to the system, automated workflows can be triggered to send welcome emails, assign training modules, schedule orientation sessions, and even submit requests for equipment or access. This not only saves time for HR professionals but also ensures a consistent and positive onboarding experience for every new employee. Plus, automated notifications can remind both HR staff and new hires about upcoming tasks, reducing the risk of any steps being missed. In this way, HR workflow automation optimizes efficiency, reduces errors, and enhances the overall onboarding process within the organization.

TAP ensures efficient workload allocation by providing centralized reporting that allows teams to track and manage tasks effectively. With automatic escalations and in-depth audit trails, meeting deadlines becomes easier than ever. For example, see exactly where a leave request is for one of your employees.

TAP’s automated workflows and centralized reporting enable teams to stay on track, keeping team members informed of approaching deadlines. The system facilitates automatic escalations to address any delays promptly. For example: If an employee performance review isn’t completed on time, it could send out an alert to the manager.

TAP Workflow Automation
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