Legal workflow automation to automate legal intake

Tired of your legal tasks feeling like all work, no flow?

Legal automation enables you to streamline repetitive and routine aspects of legal work (like document generation, contract management, compliance tracking, etc.) so your team can focus on more complex, strategic tasks.

TAP, Mitratech’s no-code workflow platform, was designed to make this legal intake and response flow smarter, faster, and more efficiently, enhancing your response time, improving relationships, and optimizing performance.

Meet legal’s favorite legal automation platform.

For 10+ years, Mitratech and hundreds of legal operations teams worldwide have collaborated to build a legal automation platform that’s purpose-built to meet legal’s granular business needs, improve process flow and visibility, enhance collaboration, and generate rapid ROI.

By streamlining day-to-day processes (like contracts, approvals, department inboxes, and more), TAP workflow automation makes it easier for legal to communicate, share data and metrics, escalate matters, and provide transparency.

Mitratech's Legal Automation Platform

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Elevate your processes from manual to manageable — in just a few TAPs.

Legal Service Requests
Legal Service Requests

Automate and centralize the intake, review, and tracking of legal requests, leveraging predefined criteria to assign tasks, answer FAQs, generate documents, and provide real-time status updates to stakeholders.

Contract Generation and Execution
Contract Generation and Execution

Create, review, and sign documents generated from dynamic, pre-approved templates, review them based on conditional criteria, and send them for signature with integrated e-signature support (like DocuSign and Adobe Sign).

Outside Counsel Management
Outside Counsel Management

Accelerate outside counsel requests, firm onboarding, and timekeeper review with an automated workflow that facilitates better transparency while maintaining frictionless relationships.

Tailored Legal Intake Automation
Matter and Claims Intake

Collect the necessary information for new legal matters — such as case details, parties involved, and key dates — through standardized forms and templates to ensure consistency and accuracy. Integrating with your enterprise systems and matter management platform (like TeamConnect), this workflow will pull or push relevant data, maintaining consistency across various platforms.

Privacy, Ethics, and Compliance Management
Privacy, Ethics, and Compliance Management

Ensure adherence to privacy and ethical compliance requirements with a standardized addendum review and execution framework for data protection, confidentiality, consent, and ethical behavior. Enable collaboration among relevant stakeholders both internally and externally.

Intellectual Property Management
Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Systematically organize and automate the processes involved in securing, tracking, and protecting intellectual property assets, ensuring efficient management and protection of any valuable company’ innovations and creations.

Not a Programmer? Not a Problem.

The no-code TAP legal workflow automation platform empowers even non-technical users to design, build, publish, and revise workflows quickly and effectively using a drag-and-drop designer, document templates, dynamic routing, and more.


Why are legal teams like yours choosing TAP for their legal automation?

With TAP, you’re not just automating tasks; you’re creating a frictionless, transparent, and self-service ecosystem for your stakeholders and customers. The no-code TAP platform empowers non-technical business users to develop and deploy workflows in days and weeks (not months and years) and continuously iterate with:

  • Fast, easily-configurable workflow templates that don’t require IT
  • Dynamic document generation and e-signature execution
  • A thriving user community that regularly meets to share best practices and ideas
  • Easily-accessible forms for 3rd-party, outside counsel, vendor, and customer collaboration (without pay-per-user licensing)
Legal teams choose TAP for Legal Automation

Engineered with the end user in mind, TAP forms offer dynamic form fill and guided navigation for a user experience that’s as seamless as ordering takeout.

Tailored Legal Intake Automation

A solution your counterparts actually want to adopt. With pre-approved templates, integration with your legacy systems, and process transparency, it’s easier than ever for your users to find, follow, and solve their legal requests.

Empowered Service

Say goodbye to manual, repetitive tasks. TAP frees up your team’s time, allowing them to focus on higher-value, more impactful work.

Valuable Time Reclaimed

Organize and manage legal requests in one centralized platform, eliminating the chaos of scattered communications, drive folders, or inboxes.

Centralized Legal Requests

Create valuable insights to make informed decisions, justifying spend and optimizing resource allocation

Data Driven Decision-Making

From user experience to process transparency, meet SLAs and improve legal’s reputation as an innovative, strategic business partner across the organization.

What Some of Our Customers Have to Say About TAP

What customers have to say about TAP

“As a legal operations team, the easiest thing you can do with the quickest wins is to get an automation tool. If you don’t have something, you should be asking yourself critically, why not?”

– Tarryn Puzsar, Director, Business Process Automation at KP Labs

What Some of Our Customers Have to Say About TAP

What customers have to say about TAP

“We put 100 hours a month back into the legal department where legal professionals can work on more high-volume, highly-complex projects.”

– Eric Paul, Director – Legal Technology Innovation at AT&T

What Some of Our Customers Have to Say About TAP

What customers have to say about TAP

“Workflow can give you anything that you want. You can take an idea and you can put that on paper. And if you think logically and if you think in ‘if this, then that’ statements, you can put that down on paper and get something amazing through the TAP application.”

– Tarryn Puzsar, Director, Business Process Automation at KP Labs

From Manual to Manageable, in Just a Few TAPs

Don’t wait for project committees, developers, and one-size-fits-most solutions to change the way you work. The no-code TAP legal workflow automation platform empowers non-technical business users to develop and deploy workflows in days and weeks — not months and years — saving you time, money, and sanity.

The drag-and-drop designer empowers you to create dynamic intake forms and document templates, or import and digitizes your existing forms.

Define the flow of logic that will drive each stage to its next action. Configure your workflow with real-time collaboration, conditional routing, and integrations to your existing ecosystem — all without a single line of code — to optimize even complex processes without ever calling in IT.

From your first workflow to every update following, one-click publishing makes it easy to go live on your schedule. Add your branding, colors, and logos to match the look and feel of your business and make each workflow your own.

Don’t stop with one workflow; continuously drive adoption and performance by revising, republishing, and optimizing your automation roadmap as your business needs evolve.

Mitratech's TAP: drag-and-drop
TAP to optimizes complex processes
TAP's one-click publishing
TAP to optimizes any evolving automation roadmap

Explore the Complete Mitratech Platform

Mitratech has the right mix of solutions for any team in any industry. We can automate and unit your team’s workflow to grow your business.


End-to-End Legal Workflow Automation Platform for All Your Legal Needs

By adopting a workflow automation platform, you’ll see major efficiencies that can quickly transform your operations. One TAP Workflow Automation customer is saving $3.6 million a year after introducing workflow automation as a business process management (BPM) tool.


Workflows and digitized forms can be designed and published in just hours or days, not months, thanks to TAP’s drag-and-drop UI – and are executed in a fraction of the time of traditional processes.


Best practices and compliance can be embedded in every workflow to mitigate risks. Automating repetitive tasks reduces human error while cutting costs, delivering fast Time-to-Value and ROI.


Drive more effective and rapid teamwork, even across multiple departments and outside resources. Plus, automated notifications, e-signatures, and role-based access features ensure proper, timely contributions.


Managers get visibility into every workflow to monitor and fine-tune performance. Users share centrally-stored common assets, and all workflows and documents are automatically archived for security and review.

How does legal automation increase ROI?

Putting a workflow automation platform like TAP in place frees your employees to be more productive since they can focus on the actual work, not on wrestling with paperwork. The payback? Nearly immediate, and across a lot of fronts:


Hours Saved


Money Saved


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