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Accelerate your success toward building more diverse, innovative, and high-performing teams. Our unparalleled industry expertise and SaaS solutions transform how you succeed at talent acquisition, retention, and workforce management while ensuring federal regulatory compliance and reducing risk.

OFCCP Compliance Software

As a federal contractor, post your jobs to the state Electronic System Delivery Sites (ESDS) and give protected veterans the first opportunity to apply to your jobs. Meet your AAP goals with an outreach management system that easily connects you to 15,000+ community-based organizations and be prepared for an OFCCP audit tracking, complete documentation, and proof of postings.

As a federal contractor, let us handle your registration and management of jobs to the state.

Mitratech Circa - OFCCP Compliance Software
Circa - Talent Acquisition and DEIB

Talent Acquisition and DEIB

By 2030, there will be an 85.2M global talent shortage and no majority racial group in the U.S. Prepare your company for success with Circa’s job board distribution software (including niche & local job boards) and programmatic network to ensure candidates find your company. Additionally, reach 169M underrepresented individuals with our vast sourcing database curated from over 8,000+ diverse social organizations.

Showcase your employer branding with a company profile and a diversity badge that shows candidates you are actively taking steps to build a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Drive retention with our ready-to-use DEI calendar, content guides, and resources to build your corporate culture and ensure your employees are fully engaged.

HR Tech’s 2024 Best DEI-Enabling Solution for Core HR/Workforce

Unlock a new era of OFCCP compliance software and DEIB solutions with Circa for human resources and recruitment. Explore our innovative compliance products today.


The Talent Landscape is Changing

Finding the Right Candidates First is Advantageous icon
Engagement is Vital

Only 28% of remote workers feel connected to their organization, a record low. – Gallup

DEI is Critical
DEI is Critical

¾ of job seekers seek diverse, inclusive organizations. – Glassdoor

Finding the Right Candidates First is Advantageous icon
Finding the Right Candidates First is Advantageous

The average cost per non-executive new hire is $4425, and the time to fill is now 42 days.

Programmatic Advertising & AI
Programmatic Advertising & AI

Using programmatic advertising and AI to build a targeted candidate pipeline can help you get the best candidates swiftly in your door. –

What Some of Our Customers Have to Say About Circa

What Some of Our Customers Have to Say About Circa

“I love that Circa helps us obtain diverse hires and promotes our jobs to several diverse sites. Plus, their customer service brings us tips and tricks.”

Angela S., Corporate HR Talent Acquisition Business

“The number of partnerships we create with Circa really supports our DEIB Strategy for outreach efforts. The vast database remains current and relevant. Love the fact that it’s a one-stop shop for maintaining compliance records, especially email correspondence.”

Arlene C.

“I like that Circa keeps our postings compliant without any major effort on our end. I love that we can search resumes and candidate profiles too! I have never used a program like this before but so far, it’s been great!”

Civil Engineer, mid-market

OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) compliance refers to the adherence to federal regulations that prohibit prohibiting workplace discrimination by federal contractors and subcontractors. It ensures equal employment opportunities for individuals regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

DEIB recruiting software like Circa, incorporates features and techniques to foster diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging-focused hiring practices. It helps organizations attract, assess, and hire candidates from diverse backgrounds while mitigating biases and promoting fairness.

Our human resources and recruiting software, Circa, is designed to support OFCCP tracking and compliance by providing tools to track and report data related to applicants, job postings, outreach efforts, and equal-opportunity employment initiatives. It automates data collection and reporting processes, ensuring transparency and accuracy in compliance efforts.

Look for recruitment software that offers data analytics and reporting capabilities, job distribution to diverse channels, anonymized resume screening, bias detection, interview scheduling, diversity metrics tracking, and customizable Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reports. These features help streamline OFCCP compliance efforts and promote DEIB principles throughout the recruitment process.

Yes, our software can integrate with popular ATS and HR systems. This enables seamless data synchronization between platforms, ensuring a unified and efficient recruiting process while maintaining recruitment compliance and DEIB efforts.

Our software regularly updates to align with the latest OFCCP guidelines and compliance standards. We provide notifications and resources to help employers stay informed about any regulatory changes and adapt their recruiting policies accordingly.

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