Designed to simplify & streamline every step of your policy management

Zero training for end users. One day of training for admins.

PolicyHub gets your team up and running in no time with point-and-click configurability and simple, intuitive tools designed to make it simple for you to:

  • Create, approve, and communicate policies
  • Enable intelligent distribution, knowledge assessments, and reporting
  • Save time and improve efficiency
  • Give your organization the defensible program it needs to demonstrate corporate responsibility – and reduce its compliance risks

— all without scripting or coding.

PolicyHub Best-in-Class Policy Management Software

5 ways PolicyHub’s automated policy and procedure software works for your team

From flexible SaaS or on-prem deployment to agile configuration for ongoing development, PolicyHub makes it simple to start, scale, and elevate your policy management for tangible results across departments.

PolicyHub’s automates policy and procedure software

  • Use PolicyHub’s workflow automation tools to replace time-intensive manual processes with automated processes, and  notifications, removing delays and human error
  • Reduce the time spent creating, approving, and attesting to policies and procedures
  • Cut the time consumed by manually generating compliance reports
  • Accelerate the process of retrieving policies for end users

  • Create and maintain best practice-based policy & procedure management lifecycles
  • Intelligently distribute all applicable global policies and procedures to the right people, in the right language, every time
  • Easily manage the attestation and knowledge assessment process, including follow-ups and reporting
  • Automate the review & approval process for newly created or updated policies and procedures
  • Quickly generate assurance reports for your leadership and company board to prove performance and compliance

  • Ensure all employees receive the specific policies & procedures applicable to them
  • Manage and track all attestations and knowledge assessments
  • Capture and archive a full audit trail on every aspect of the policy & procedure management lifecycle
  • Analyze if policies and procedures are effectively changing employee behavior
  • Use built-in tools to analyze compliance and make continuous improvements to policies & procedures where necessary

  • Avoid or reduce litigation and reputational brand damage due to breaches of policies
  • Always present your employees with the right policies and procedures
  • Capture automatic attestations and knowledge assessments via automatically generated compliance reports
  • Reduce the number of non-compliance incidents

  • Use automated reporting to enable early risk assessments and responses, reducing the number and cost of regulatory non-compliance incidents
  • Improve proactive disclosure of policy violations
  • Enhance your ability to quickly respond and report on compliance to managers, while providing a complete audit trail for regulators

How PolicyHub pays off in your policies and procedures

User-validated examples of how streamlined policy management delivers real-world ROI.


cost savings on non-compliance


staff time saved when managing, delivering, and reporting on policies

User-validated examples of how streamlined policy management delivers real-world ROI.


less managerial time spent chasing down non-compliant employees


reduction in the number of non-compliant incidents

“PolicyHub is a powerful tool. It quickly became something we wondered how you manage a good compliance program without. It makes Policy and Procedure communication easy and reporting to auditors, regulators and the Board of Directors simple and straightforward.”

“It makes compliance policy and procedure communication easy.”

Ready to automate your policy management and build ethical, defensible compliance for your organization?

See what you can do with PolicyHub.


Customers across the globe are leveraging PolicyHub to deliver real-world ROI and rapid time-to-value.

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Calculate how much you could save by implementing PolicyHub

Use our PolicyHub ROI calculator to estimate the savings you can drive for your organization.

Hours saved managing policies


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Hours saved Employees Searching for Policies


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Frequently-Asked Policy Management Questions

PolicyHub is a best-in-class Policy Management solution relied upon by enterprises to
simplify the management, communication, and digital audit trail of policies and

Any company (of any size, complexity, or industry ) looking to mitigate the risks that arise from employee conduct or non-compliance with federal, state, or local regulations can leverage PolicyHub for simplified policy management. Highly regulated industries – like business, government, healthcare, and education – may find it especially useful for implementing policy changes and increasing transparency in a secure and controlled way.

PolicyHub automates the development, communication, training, and auditing of policies and procedures to help organizations:

  • Improve the operational efficiency
  • Streamline the complexities of policy and procedure management to reduce the manual lift, cut down on errors, and save everyone time 
  • Build an ethical and defensible compliance program
  • Reduce the potential for reputational damage
  • Mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance

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