Reduce the Time, Costs, and Headaches of Legal Bill Review with 97%+ Invoice Accuracy

Mitratech Managed Bill Review (MBR) is a first-of-its-kind spend management and analytics software leveraging technology and subject matter experts for more reliable, accurate, and actionable legal spend insights.

We’re the market’s only fully-integrated, scalable platform for:

  • Matter Management
  • AI-Driven Spend Analytics
  • eBilling
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Managed Bill Review

With MBR, organizations like yours are saving time on legal invoice review and reducing annual costs by 15% or more.


legal spend management and analytics software

Eliminate Compromise with the Market’s Leading Spend Management and Managed Bill Review (MBR) Software

Leading Spend Management and Managed Bill Review (MBR) Software

2-3X ROI

reported by clients


in legal spend data reviewed to-date


predictive accuracy with AI + ML categorization technology

Ready to reduce hidden fees and set new budget goals?

Learn how MBR empowers legal teams to rise to the challenge of serving the evolving needs of the modern, dynamic enterprise.


World-class matter + legal spend management.
One fully-integrated platform.

Legal Spend Visibility

Unmatched Visibility

View your legal spend and law firm performance with cutting-edge technology.

Efficiency & Savings

Efficiency & Savings

Reduce admin lift and get time back for your team to focus on strategic matters.

Actionable Legal Spend Insight

Actionable Insight

Helping corporate legal and claims teams drive real, meaningful results through a combination of white-glove service and PlatoBI analytics.

Gain unmatched visibility into legal spend and law firm performance with cutting-edge analytics. Our analysis of attorney fees and expenses unveil performance trends and help you allocate spend to your best-performing firms.

Our hand-curated approach means that even nuanced, non-compliant invoice line items are captured, giving you the full picture of your legal spend.

Take the admin burden off of your legal team and accelerate legal deals with end-to-end management for all corporate legal matter types.

Spend management software to drive efficiency

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TAP Workflow Automation

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