We work with organizations with expertise in areas such as spreadsheet management, End-User Computing (EUC), governance, compliance and risk management, financial planning and analytics, data modelling, data quality and governance and GDPR.

Our Partners help customers develop Excel® models, audit and remediate Excel files and models, create Model Risk Governance models, manage spreadsheet risk, and create and manage EUC policies across a broad range of industries.


Implementation Partners

Implementation partners typically offer consulting services for both the implementation of Mitratech solutions as well as providing much wider subject matter expertise on the topic. This knowledge may include policies, regulations, best working practices – all of which are integral to a successful implementation.

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Resellers have access to a full range of benefits to help them use Mitratech as a marketplace advantage. We provide technical training to ensure deep knowledge and familiarity with our latest technologies and we offer a variety of marketing, sales, and support resources.

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OEM Partners

An independent software vendor (ISV) or other OEM Partner may wish to embed a Mitratech solution into a new or existing business process with the view of offering it as a packaged managed service to their clients, perhaps in a white label format.

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