Mitigating hidden EUC risk

If your business is like countless others, you increasingly rely on spreadsheets.  Yet studies show almost 90% of spreadsheets contain errors. And most spreadsheet risk stems from their very flexibility, making it difficult to notice changes to functionality and data – by eye, at least.

To manage this risk? You’ve got to identify the most critical spreadsheets, set up a clear End User Computing (EUC) control framework, implement it, and then consistently monitor for errors or changes. But for hundreds or thousands of business-critical spreadsheets?  It can’t be done manually.

ClusterSeven Shadow IT Manager lets you choose from a full range of components capable of automating and accelerating EUC management, so you can control your spreadsheet estate and mitigate risk.


Discovery allows you to understand your EUC estate so you know what you’ve got, where everything is, and how it’s all linked together so you can validate and carry out a risk assessment of your inventory.

Discovery scans your infrastructure to locate all Excel spreadsheets, Access® databases, or other file types.  It can then carry out a deeper scan on individual files using risk rules you specify, examining them in detail to assess their materiality and associated regulatory, financial, or other risk.

Once you’ve located critical EUCs and know how they’re connected, you’ll be ready to move them into management with ClusterSeven IMS, ESM, and ADM.

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Inventory Management System

Many organizations store their models, Excel spreadsheets, and other EUC applications in a generic shared folder or collaboration tool.  But they find it takes too much development time and cost to get the features they need to manage and secure that inventory.

Our Inventory Management System (IMS) is designed specifically to give you all the flexible, configurable capabilities you need to build and maintain a secure, up-to-date inventory of all your EUC files.  Its scalability means you can inventory 100,000 files plus, or import existing inventories from other systems so you get started faster.

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Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager

Our Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager (ESM) supports governance processes for assessing and reducing EUC and Excel® risk by enabling you to streamline the process of change and lifecycle management for spreadsheets used across your organization.

User simply register their Excel spreadsheets with ESM, with no need for additional software. ESM then non-intrusively monitors spreadsheet changes, without affecting user productivity.  The ESM Application Server analyzes and records any changes, even when folders or files get renamed, quickly detecting anomalies so exception reports and alerts can be generated to provide early warning and enable rapid, targeted response.

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Access Database Manager

ClusterSeven ADM supports governance processes for assessing and reducing risk associated with Access® databases by applying a database control framework and lifecycle management.

ADM monitors your Access databases to track changes in their key structural attributes, such as queries, tables, reports, forms and links. ADM can carry out on-the-spot comparisons between different versions of the same database for tracking who-when-what changes wherever source code management isn’t used.

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Cloud Spreadsheet Manager

CSM puts you in complete control of your cloud-housed spreadsheets, giving you the tools and insight to securely risk check, compare and manage your spreadsheets on demand on the Microsoft Azure platform. CSM allows the power of Microsoft Excel to be used as a key enterprise application, delivering results from day one.

CSM is an enterprise-grade, easy-to-use, easily accessible spreadsheet management solution that enables you to assess and clarify risk, compare versions of spreadsheets, and create a comprehensive inventory of your spreadsheets located in the cloud.

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