Alyne’s Assessments: Measuring Compliance Against Multiple Maturity Models

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Assessments are an essential tool for measuring compliance. Recently within Alyne, we have improved our capabilities to cover Multiple Maturity Models, which enables users to configure more than one maturity model in their organisation and measure compliance in the levels of their choice. Using this feature, teams can create and customise levels to their Controls, assess compliance across multiple maturity models, create Reports and leverage this functionality in Alyne’s Continuous Controls.

Assessments are an essential part of Alyne’s compliance tools. The comprehensive Library Content within Alyne is the foundation for Controls, which can be measured against via Assessments.

Alyne’s Controls provide our users with predefined questions and statements to be answered based on a set of configured maturity rating values. Until now, Alyne users were able to measure the compliance of their questions against a fixed CMMI rating.

CMMI Model: A CMMI maturity level is a well-defined evolutionary plateau toward achieving a mature software process. Each maturity level provides a layer in the foundation for continuous process improvement.

  • Level 1: Initial
  • Level 2: Managed
  • Level 3: Defined
  • Level 4: Quantitatively Managed
  • Level 5: Optimising

Recently, we have improved Alyne’s capablities to allow for Multiple Maturity Models, which enables our users to configure more than one maturity model in their organisation. This functionality provides the ability to customise and measure multiple levels of maturity rating to custom Controls and measure compliance for the same control against multiple maturity levels and questions.

Designing Alyne’s improved questionnaire

What is the pain point that it has solved? 

Previously, the Alyne application only allowed users to measure compliance for different Controls against 5 levels based on the CMMI maturity model. However, this model alone proved to be limiting in some cases, where for instance a user may wish to measure only the compliance or non-compliance for Controls, rather than a detailed compliance measure.

With the improved feature, Admin Users in Alyne are able to add multiple maturity models via their organisation settings and customise the maturity levelsvalues and the reference colours associated with it. Additionally, the new maturity models available within Alyne provide users the freedom to configure anything between 2 to 20 maturity levels.

The Multiple Maturity Models in Alyne enables teams to measure compliance in the levels of their choice. The existing CMMI model in Alyne will of course still be available on all Alyne Library Controls and can be customised to add new maturity models and rating values.

Leveraging this new functionality, Alyne Users are now able to:

  • Add multiple maturity models and publish them via the Alyne Library Store to be available for different Orgs and users. This provides ease and flexibility of using different levels of measure for Controls across various use cases.
  • Include multiple maturity models to the same Controls. This gives users them the freedom to assess the same Control against varying levels of maturity.
  • While configuring Controls to be included in Assessments, you can use filters for specific maturity models, as well as send different Assessments to Responders using the same Controls but with varying question and answer options.
  • Benefit from all existing Assessment features in Alyne, but leverage them in a more valueable way. Functionality such as response rules for assessed Controls, and the ability to copy assessments with their responses, have been adapted to support the Controls with different levels of maturity ratings.
  • Configure Assessments with the option of overriding the preddefined model content with default content from the maturity model, (even if the maturity model has not been explicitly added on the Control).

How does the enhancement contribute to better GRC processes?

Leveraging Alyne’s enhanced functionality, organisations can now measure their compliance against varying maturity levels. For example, generating reports for Assessments with a level 2 maturity model can give administrators a summarised view of the complaint/non-compliant status of underlying Controls, thus making it easier to identify Controls that might require special attention or need more detailed maturity monitoring with increased matrutiy levels.

Additionally, the dependency of questionnaire content has been reduced from individual Control configuration, and the capability for Assessment Managers has been augmented with the ease of configuring more flexible questionnaires.

Benefits of leveraging Alyne’s platform

Firstly, users can now add multiple maturity levels to their custom Controls which empowers them to measure the compliance across multiple maturity models.

Additionally, the enhanced functionality also offers Users a quick way of creating an Assessment with the selected maturity model from the Controls that were added from the Control Set.

Next, Users can now also create Reports from Assessments with a common maturity model, and obtain a concise summary of their compliance levels.

To empower your proactive compliance process, Continuous Controls now also supports all possible maturity models and will continuously measure the values for all maturity models attached to the Control.

Compliance management teams can monitor Continuous Control’s maturity values across all available models on a single screen.

Keep an eye out for another detailed look into Alyne’s Multiple Maturity Models, in our December Product Update.  

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