CEO Corner: Removing the Borders on Human Opportunity

Mike Williams |

One of the most exciting – and challenging – aspects of working for a global organization like Mitratech is the fact that we’re operating at global scale. But “global” means our products and services have to be functional and compliant in many different regions and localities.

That certainly gives us insight into the challenges that face our clients every single day.  In almost any facet of global business, you can count at least a couple of persistent truths: Competition for resources, especially human resources, is only going to keep increasing, yet rules and regulations will keep proliferating.

When we acquired Tracker Corp recently, it was motivated by our mission to help our clients mitigate risk on the varied fronts any corporation must manage.  Now, in a globalized world that’s still reeling from pandemic, those risks and barriers have become even more complicated.

Our Tracker products help U.S. employers manage the details of hiring foreign nationals and immigration case law.  But since many of our clients are operating on a global footing, we knew we owed them solutions for the hurdles that confront them internationally.  With COVID-19, some experts predict the international sourcing and hiring of employees will become even more demanding.

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A pioneering immigration management provider

Organizations everywhere are in increasing need of solutions to automate and expedite immigration management.  Unfortunately, they can’t count on governments to do a quick job of streamlining forms and processes.  So to expand our portfolio of immigration software products to better serve clients who are working at global scale, or are in markets outside the U.S., we wanted to bring on a solution capable of meeting their needs.

We can’t overstate how excited we were at the possibility of adding INSZoom to our product family.  Now that it’s become a reality, we’re even more excited about the prospects ahead.

INSZoom is one of those classic stories of technology entrepreneurship that sound almost cliché by now, yet are still novel and inspiring.  Its founder and CEO, Umesh Vaidyamath, launched what was the very first cloud-based software company in the immigration industry from his home in 1999.  He and his team then built it into the undisputed global leader in immigration software thanks to a commitment to being at the absolute forefront of their industry, and they’ve stayed at the cutting edge ever since.

They’re laser-focused on the needs of their clients and the market, and the importance of continual innovation, but what also appealed to us?  As Umesh himself wrote recently:

But here’s the thing – it’s not easy to stay on top of both technology as well as immigration updates, policy changes and more. Indeed, in 2020, it seems that immigration has been changing almost daily. So how is it possible to keep up with everything?

The answer is simple – work with great people.

Removing borders and empowering aspirations

A great team built Mitratech thanks to a commitment to client success, just as INSZoom did.  The goal is to empower our clients, and through them help them empower the people who work for them, and the customers and clientele they serve.

In the case of INSZoom, just like Tracker, the ultimate beneficiaries are the individuals who are looking to advance their careers, to build a better life for themselves and those around them.  By helping our clients empower those aspirations, we’re helping their own organizations succeed, too.

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